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UFC might not ignore UK in 2011

When the UFC first got back in bed with the UK, the sex was pretty good and regular too. Sure, it was a rare blue moon when a title would make it onto the card (the analogy equivalent of getting to blow your load all over her face), but still … three events a year wasn’t bad. Then just like with your marriage, sex just stopped. It’ll be one month shy of a year since the last shag when the UFC returns to the UK with UFC 120, and that’s a pretty missionary event with Bisping vs Akiyama and Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit.

But so long as you’re getting something regularly, it’s not too bad right? And now the UFC UK’s prez is talking about what sounds like a series of Fight Night UK cards:

UFC’s UK president Marshall Zelaznik confirmed the Las Vegas-based MMA group have already planned a provisional date for a fight at the Braehead Arena next year.

“We’re looking at Braehead in the first quarter of next year,” Zelaznik told

The proposed fight card, which UFC hope to confirm before their fan expo in London in October, will form one of a series of new Fight Night shows planned for the UK in 2011.

Already a hit in the US, the midweek cards are seen by UFC chiefs as a way of taking the sport to smaller cities and arenas than London and Manchester.

In terms of building regional talent and satisfying local markets, UFC Fight Nights are a no brainer. Then again, so is having more than one event a year in a country you’re trying to break out in.