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UFC looking at Tennessee

I’m down in Tennessee right now hangin’ with my folks, so it’s something of an interesting coincidence that there’s a big article today talking about the UFC coming to Tennessee sooner rather than later:

“There is no question Tennessee is a great market for mixed martial arts,” said Marc Ratner, the vice president of regulatory affairs for Ultimate Fighting Championship, one of the largest MMA circuits. “The economic impact will be great. We are talking $2-to-3-million gates per major event in Nashville and Memphis.”

I’m happy as a pig in shit any time the UFC comes anywhere that I have an excuse to be. So this is a nice bit of salve considering the whole Penn vs GSP in Montreal shit that got floated last week.

As a side note, I’m staying right next to Chattanooga, so if there’s any Jackals from there who wanna go out and get a few drinks or something, send me a message and we’ll hook this shit up!