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UFC lookin’ good in IFL / Couture injunction

While everyone celebrates and high-fives over the news that HDNet and Mark Cuban have entered the legal fray to help Randy Couture against the UFC, no one seems to have noticed that Couture is on the verge of losing the first battle in the legal war. Yesterday was the court date for the UFC’s injunction against Couture being allowed to field an ‘XTreme Couture’ IFL team, and it’s not looking good:

Judge Togliatti also gave insight into her thought process and may have tipped her hand on which way she was leaning.

“I will tell you,” she said, “that I see a difference between being in a corner with a patch on somebody’s sleeve and having ‘Team Couture’ and you’re there in the corner in the new league. I do see a difference.”

Of course, if Randy loses the fight, it probably just means that they’ll name their team “Team XTreme”. So it really doesn’t hurt anyone except the IFL, who won’t be able to use the Couture name to advertise their event. Which is kinda the whole point of having them there, and kinda the whole point the UFC objected in the first place.

  • Atom says:

    Wow.. if this whole thing boils down to changing the name of the IFL squad from Team Couture to Team Xtreme, its going to seem very petty, especially if Couture is still able to corner his fighters. Would this be a non-issue if Couture was cornering fighters that were not fighting under a team with his name on it?

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    I don’t see how its a bit deal that they can’t say “Xtreme Couture” if they can say “THEIR COACH Randy Couture”.

  • killNU says:

    great use of the courts time