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UFC lets another MW prospect slip through their fingers

I’ve wondered several times if the UFC is trying to make their middleweight division suck. They’ve lost Mayhem Miller, let Frank Trigg slip through their fingers, and can’t convince Dan Henderson or Mike Swick to return/stay at MW. David Terrell is perma-injured as always, and the only good news is that Evan Tanner has signed a new deal. Although the UFC hasn’t mentioned it on their main page … my bet is they’re waiting a month to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy.

More bad news comes in the form of another potential middleweight star not signing with the UFC … this time it’s BJJ sensation Ronaldo Jacare. Rumors hit an all time high last month with everyone coming out and saying Jacare had signed with the UFC but obviously he hasn’t because he’s now with crazy motherfucker Wallid Ismail’s Jungle Fight promotion.

To me, this is just another sign that the UFC wasn’t willing to pony up the cash they needed to sign a jiu-jitsu guy like Jacare. While on one hand I understand that you don’t want to sink a ton of money into a guy who’s relatively untested in MMA, I also think you need to take circumstances into account.

The UFC needs middleweight contenders like a diabetic needs insulin. Jacare could easily burn through the division and be ready for a title shot in six months. If he flops, who cares? It’s a few extra dollars but barely a drop in the bucket that is the UFC’s financial intake.

It’s time for the UFC to start putting it’s money where it’s mouth is and pay what it needs to in order to lock up these guys and fix their middleweight division.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    I wonder if the UFC is gambling on some of the LHWs dropping. LHW is so deep now that guys like Bisping, Rashad, Machida, and Hendo could all drop to 185, and the LHW division wouldn’t even blink.

  • Wu Tang says:

    If Jacare EVER COMES TO THE UFC, then i would be on Ronaldo’s dick, because this man is a beast in bjj/grappling, who else has the credentials like him? Roger Gracie? Right, boring fighter, not explosive, who else? Jacare would give the farmer boy’s strength a run for their money, because we all know that Amazon power supercedes all! Jacare is the man and all of his fights are fun to watch, do not blink or he will dominate you like.. well.. Crockadiles!!


  • ilostmydog says:

    LOL @ how Jacare could ‘easily burn through the division.’ This is based on what? Beating a few guys with marginal records and/or making their debuts? He’s a talented grappler for sure, but his striking stinks, and his chin is pretty weak IMO. Let him beat someone decent before making inane statements like that.

  • Jonathan says:

    Let’s see how Jacare fares when gets blasted in the face by a punch or kicked in the ribs by a roundhouse. A great example is Frank Edgar vs Tyson Griffin…this is not a jiu jitsu tourney is it?

  • You misplaced the quote. “jacare could easily” aka he COULD. Who exactly is there in the MW division who wouldn’t have fits with Jacare’s BJJ skills? Look at how far Jason MacDonald has gotten with what he has and then look at what Jacare brings to the table. Anyways, I can’t see the future so i couldn’t say for sure, but if Jacare was in the UFC MW division I’d give him pretty good odds of being top three.

  • steve24 says:

    I’m wondering how much effort the UFC is putting in trying to get MW’s to leave their organization and come fight for the UFC. Baroni and Lawler for example would be a great addition and the last time I checked most Elite fighters don’t have exclusive contracts.

  • How does that work though … if it’s non-exclusive are they allowed to sign an exclusive contract? My understanding is the fighter promises x number of fights within x years, and they have to deliver, so they can’t sign with an org like UFC which directly disallows them fulfilling the terms of their agreement.

  • stellar53 says:

    Shouldn’t he have to beat someone of some kind of stature before he gets a chance to be in the UFC…..

  • RoB says:

    where the F*ck is paulo filho.

  • Wu Tang says:

    A Chance? Look at Jacare’s credentials, that is well enough for his accomplishments. You can compare him to Brock COCK chest Lesnar, Brock has 1 pro MMA bout, while Jacare has 7 wins and 1 loss, granted they were against no bodies, but still, i wuold rather root Jacare than Chest Cock. Watch his bjj/grappling fights and watch Chest COCK’s WWE fights, you decide!

  • Yeah, just like Marcelo Garcia won at K-1?

  • Wu Tang says:

    Well, look at the dynamics between the two, Garcia is smaller, Jacare is taller, height does play an issue for fighting. Also, who is the aggresser in bjj match/grappling? Jacare has a fucken huge reputation of being explosive and finishing matches that are electricfying. Also who is more ‘dominate’ in these two? Jacare is very dominate, while Marcelo Garcia likes to work from the bottom up and use his skills to win. In the match between them, Jacare won, he was agressive and positional and worked for a position that could have easily been escaped, but Jacare is known to push through and plow with some crazy subs.

    Also, Marcelo Garcia lost his first MMA match, so he is 0-1, he owns a school and instructs lots of guys. Jacare is 7-1, instructs little kids, while has an instructor that over sees his training, which is a HUGE plus when it comes to fighting. There should always be a coach for any sport that you do, tennis pros does has coaches and always will.

    – J