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UFC kicks ass on a way smaller scale

Steve Sievert has an article praising the success of the UFC in comparison to baseball, and yeah it’s great that we are kicking that boring sport’s ass. But most stick and ball games are still whupping us good, not just overall but on an event by event basis … like hockey.

It’s not just their attendance which averages much better, but they have so many more games … across all the teams, there are over twelve hundred NHL games per season. The UFC still has to do the travelling circus game to keep interest high enough for people to shell out a few hundred bucks for tickets to the ~20 events they’re doing this year. Every hockey team plays 42 times at their home arena over 7 months and most are still selling more tickets than the UFC, which still gives away a few thousand tickets per event when their sales lean more towards 10,000 than 15,000.

Anyways, I’m not trying to piss on anyone’s parade and I don’t expect the UFC to be beating the NHL (yet), but I just wanted to make sure us MMA fans aren’t selectively looking at certain ratings and attendance records and forgetting that we’re still very small fry compared to other sports.