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UFC increases the heat on Mousasi

More sour grapes from the UFC regarding the few fighters Strikeforce managed to sign up after Affliction’s demise:

Gegard Mousasi has said he will honour his agreement with Strikeforce following recent reports that his management had misled him about the amount of money the UFC had offered him for his services.

“I am fighting in Strikeforce now and Scott has always been honest to me,” Mousasi told Fighters Only today. “I have a contract with Strikeforce and I am going to honor that.”

The DREAM double-champion then said that he did not wish to comment on allegations that his management had misled him about the value of the UFC offer.

So the UFC is doing it’s standard thang of trying to drive a wedge between a fighter and his management (who may or may not be M-1 Global, no one seems 100% sure). Between this and the mysterious cease and desist they sent Strikeforce over Mousasi, I think it’s safe to say they really want this guy. Which is cool and all, but it kinda sorta sounds like Mousasi doesn’t want to be in the UFC.