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Hey, guess what? The UFC may be headed to Abu Dhabi! Yep, that’s not just where Garfield used to mail Nermal on a regular basis. It’s a real city in the United Arab Emirates. And that’s where Dana White is right now:

“Been on a plane for 20 hours. Just landed in abu dhabi!!!“ he wrote at around 8am US Eastern Time.

And he followed that moments later with, “Always tell you guys we are going EVERYWHERE!!!! J”

A few days ago, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Royce Gracie told Abu Dhabi newspaper The National that he had heard the UFC were looking into an Abu Dhabi show.

“Why not [bring UFC to Abu Dhabi], what stops it from coming here? What stops it from going all over the world?” he said. “UFC is growing very fast. They are spreading out all over the world,”

“In the beginning what stops it is education. You have got to educate the crowd. It is a sport like boxing, a sport like football.”

Fortunately for the UFC, a bunch of groundwork has already been done preparing Abu Dhabi for mixed martial arts, by none other than the royal family itself. According to Fighters Only, BJJ is a part of the sports curriculum of schools in Abu Dhabi, thanks to the hard work of ADCC founder Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. Sure, there are some other slightly sketchier Sheiks floating around Abu Dhabi, but hey … the UFC ain’t the United Nations and it’s not their job to worry about the Human Rights records of the countries they hold events in. Right?