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UFC in New York is getting closer, sort of.

Just to keep you in the loop on the MMA in New York thing, there’s a debate and vote coming up June 3rd to get MMA past the tourism committee. Don’t get your hopes up that this means things are anywhere close to being legalized though:

Out of 21 committee members, 11 votes are needed to pass the bill out of committee with a favorable review. If it passes, it then heads to the Codes Committee (for bills with legal implications) followed by the Ways and Means Committee (for bills with fiscal implications). Both committees will vote on the bill before passing it to the Assembly floor for a general vote.

A Senate companion bill to the MMA legislation is currently in its Cultural Affairs Committee.

Ya know, in Iraq Saddam would have just legalized the sport by royal decree and forced his enemies to fight to the death in an electrified cage surrounded by an alligator pit. Are you sure you overthrew the right government?