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UFC hiring college students as promo monkeys

Hey, you’re already part of the MMA cult … you might as well get some official perks for proselytizing.

As a part of the UFC College Rep Program, you’ll help introduce your peers to the UFC magazine, promote the UFC name, features, products, lifestyle and — of course — encourage readers and viewers. As a UFC College Rep, you are expected to be a true brand ambassador. By building your own network of fans on campus, you’ll become the “campus gateway” to the UFC. You will be the first to know of upcoming UFC features, while also occasionally receiving merchandise and invitations to exclusive events. Utilizing word of mouth marketing and social media tools, you’ll share the wealth with your peers.

You will also have the opportunity to:
• Promote and execute UFC events, from magazine launches to TUF tryouts to viewing parties.
• Be our “eyes and ears of the Octagon” on your campus, reporting on trends, attitudes, what’s in vs. what’s out.
• Volunteer at UFC events. You might even be able to host your own on-campus viewing party!
• Work with us to create a marketing plan for UFC on your campus.
• Receive monthly mailings, casting call information, newsletters and reports from inside the Octagon.

How do you go about applying for this job?

Well you fire off an email to [email protected] and in 250 words or less tell them why the job should be yours. Don’t forget to include your name, school, age, year of graduation, and links to facebook or twitter accounts.

No word on if you have to wear a Tapout beanie and use warrior-speak to be considered for the job, but I imagine it can’t hurt.

  • agentsmith says:

    Have any of these “street team” marketing things ever paid off? I kinda doubt it.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Well, they’ve built hip-hop pretty well. And making this a social thing is very web 2.0 and allows for better vertical trend monetization and vastly improved brand synergy.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    I emailed them my crap since I have nothing better to do

  • glassjawsh says:


  • DiscoStu says:

    I know businesses that have done really well with using campus reps. It all depends on how they do it, but if UFC puts in the effort they could create events that would attract a lot of college students. Giving just a few hundred bucks to an UFC viewing party org in the form of merchandise and other party favors could go a long way in attracting new viewers. I’m curious if the UFC has made any attempt to calculate the average life time value of a mainstream fan

  • P W says:

    Will Subo be able to get any perks retroactively?

  • subo says:

    ^ I’ll ask them if they respond

  • xfreekx says:

    Yes. I work for a record label and got here because i was a college rep. In many markets TV, Radio, and Billboards are all they have….there are no boots on the ground.

    This is a good way for them to get marketing looks on Campus and at important lifestyle accounts (tattoo shops, clothing stores, etc). Very smart move. You get a lot of exposure at relatively little cost.

  • Symbul says:

    Oh yeah the UFC lifestyle. My grandmother once got me an Xtreme Couture tshirt, does that count as living the UFC lifestyle?

  • godzillad says:

    I’m fucking IN

  • samzam says:

    Actually, it sounds like a good opportunity to me, especially since the reps will get a chance to create a marketing plan for UFC. That does sound like fun, at least to me.
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