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The UFC is headed to Afghanistan

As usual before a big event, Dana White has been a regular headline machine, pumping out interesting updates on dozens of topics related to the UFC. The most interesting one as far as I’m concerned: the plan to take their show into a warzone. From

Speaking about the UFC’s plans for Middle Eastern events White said, “This is our first show here, and our second will be in Afghanistan in the next, you know, I don’t know, two to three months.” He admitted that an event in Afghanistan poses numerous security and logistical threats, and may not even be able to be televised, but indicated that putting on an event for the troops in the country is a priority, as well as potentially using the card to continue past efforts which have raised $6 million in aid for troops suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

I’m all down with more fights for the troops, but getting into Afghanistan is a bit hardcore for my tastes. Is there a high chance of something happening over there? I guess not … the thing will obviously be held on a secure base. But this is fucking Afghanistan – the second most dangerous country in the world. A few months ago some jihadist double agent got on a base and blew a bunch of CIA agents to shit.

Anyways, it’s not like I’m predicting a middle eastern Inglorious Basterds type situation. And there’s a certain amount of impressive gravitas involved in Dana White’s “The soldiers are there every day in the thick of it, so we should at least be willing to go there to entertain them” line of thinking. But man. Afghanistan is … Afghanistan. Nuff said.