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UFC gives Matt Hughes a tractor

The UFC’s trend of giving fighters gas guzzling vehicles continues. The UFC just gave Matt Hughes the only thing with worse gas consumption than a Hummer: a crazy massive John Deer tractor. The thing certainly fits Hughes better than a stupid bling-mobile, and there’s something to say about the practicality of the present. Of course Hughes does go overboard a little bit with the “hehehehehhee this is my wife now” comment in the video. The man just loves his guns and his farm shit a tad too much.

**CORRECTION AND EXTRA SHIT** Nate corrected me: Hughes actually says “Where’s my wife at?”, not “This is my wife now” which comforts me … now we know his wife is as hot for heavy machinery as her husband. This is preferable to the vision of Matt Hughes masturbating in his new tractor (although dollars to donuts I still bet he does that too).

Also, from the forum discussion on Matt Hughes’ page, there’s a whole ton of tractor talk. Turns out Matt wanted a JD8430, but was given a JD6430. The difference? The 8430 has a 9.0 engine as opposed to the 6430’s 4.5 engine. Oh, and the 8430 is also 140k more expensive!