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‘UFC gaybashers’ caught

Good news! Those two tards who set off a UFC backlash in Vancouver by gaybashing a couple following UFC 115 have been caught!

The Vancouver police have announced that two brothers have been charged in connection with a brutal attack on two gay men on June 12.

At a news conference at the police station today (July 1), Const. Jana McGuinness said that Richmond resident Parminder Singh (Peter) Bassi, 30, faces two counts of assault causing bodily harm.

His brother Ravinder (Robbie) Bassi, 27, is charged with one count of assault causing bodily harm.

As for whether they were transformed into violent brutes due to watching the UFC event earlier that night … well, there’s a bit of pussyfooting going on about that:

At today’s news conference, McGuinness said that at this point, police have not uncovered any information linking the two brothers to the UFC event.

“So far, nothing has come to light to make that connection for us,” she commented.

After a reporter asked if the two men were at GM Place that night, McGuinness replied that police won’t divulge information obtained in interviews. However, she said there is no information to confirm whether or not they were there.

“We left no stone unturned,” she maintained.

Explain to me how no stone is left unturned if they can’t confirm whether the two brothers were at the MMA event immediately before the crime occurred? This seems like a pretty basic and easy bit of information to figure out. Have the police tried asking the suspects “Hey, were you at that UFC event?” That’s a free tip from me to them. The next one will cost them a smack upside the head for being stupid idiots.

(thanks to jackal Mike for the heads up!)