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UFC game saves THQ’s bacon

Everyone has been gushing about how well the UFC video game has been selling, but now we can get away from fawning adjectives and into the nitty gritty of actual numbers. THQ was on the verge of death when it birthed UFC Undisputed 2009, and now look at it:

The company has unexpectedly posted a profit for the fiscal quarter ending June 31st, which is almost entirely due to sales of UFC Undisputed.

THQ made a net profit of $6.4 million in the three months leading up to June 31st, compared to a loss of $27.2 million for the comparable period a year ago.

That profit was taken from overall revenues which totalled $243.5 million, an increase of 77 per cent on the same quarter last year.

Goddamn. I try not to be all over the UFC’s dick but that’s some impressive stuff.