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UFC flips off German government

Less than a year ago, you could see the fucking thing LIVE in Germany.

You may have heard that the UFC had been banned from German television. Rumors have been circulating that the WWE’s Vince McMahon was the impetus behind the decision (and that he had been agitating in a similar fashion across Europe), but either way, Zuffa was all set to see an overseas card fail to register in a country where they had thrown another overseas card not 12 months prior. Total kick in the balls, whaddaya gonna do, move on… actually, that doesn’t strike me as the UFC’s M.O.

This sounds more like it:

While German mixed-martial-arts fans were dealt a stern blow with March’s order from the Bavarian state office for new media (BLM) banning UFC programming on German airwaves, the world’s biggest fight promotion has stepped in to assure that Saturday’s UFC 112 event will still be available to all.

German fans will be able to watch “UFC 112: Invincible” for free on the

The stream will be geo-blocked and offered free only to German fans…

“We’re working on it,” White said. “It’s one of those things that it is what it is. There’s some political [expletive] going on there, and we don’t really have our arms around what it is yet, but we’re going to get in there, and we’re going to figure it out.

“It’s obviously the first time we’ve been told that we might be taken off television, but it’s not the first time we’ve battled this type of adversity. We’ll get over this.”

In a situation like this, you really only have two options – acquiesce, try to alter your product to make it more palatable and remain diplomatic, or grab your balls, show the ban no respect and expect that public sentiment and outrage will be on your side. Ten years ago – hell, five years ago – this kind of ban would pretty much mean MMA was fucked in the country perpetrating the ban. Now, we just sit back and wait for the German government to, once again, shake of the WWII hangover and yield to the will of the German people. And that’s pretty sweet, considering the alternative.

I hope Germany gets rid of the ban soon, but until they do, fuck ’em.