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UFC finally strips Sherk of the LW belt

Despite the lack of an official announcement, it’s about as official as it’s ever going to be: Sean Sherk has been stripped of his lightweight belt. Rumblings earlier in the day had a source close to Dana White saying Sherk had been stripped but that the UFC didn’t feel like they needed to make a big deal of the news. Then during the TUF6 finale, they showed a quick card for UFC80 with Joe Stevenson vs BJ Penn being for the LW belt … no ‘interim’ anywhere around.

This is a big fucking relief for people like me who were sick of Sean Sherk holding up the LW division with his random shenanigans. Regular readers will be sick of me re-hashing this, but for the sake of the newbies: I hate Sean Sherk because he accepted the fight for the vacant LW belt against Kenny Florian knowing that he’d have to take several months off afterwards for surgery. This put the LW division into a lurch which it still hasn’t recovered from. And then this steroid shit. Sean won the belt back in October of 2006. Since then he’s only defended it once.

Throughout all of this shit Sean Sherk has been sitting on the sidelines grousing like a little bitch at the idea that the UFC would dare to create an interim belt. The idea that he’d be stripped didn’t even cross his mind:

“They were going to crown an interim champion in the process while I’m sitting on the sidelines,” Sherk said Tuesday. “As far as I know I’m not losing the belt. [UFC president Dana White] believes me when I tell him I didn’t take nandrolone. Otherwise, if he didn’t believe me, he would have stripped the belt. Fortunately he believes me. I’ve always been honest with him.”

Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed and the UFC did strip Sherk. If Sherk was able to think outside his own little universe for a few moments he’d understand the reasons behind it too. Regardless of if Dana White believes Sean or not, he was found guilty of using performance enhancers by a government run sanctioning body. To ignore this and pretend like it didn’t happen would have disastrous effects to the legitimacy not only of the UFC titles, but of the organization as a whole.

Thank baby Jesus that Sherk was finally stripped of the belt. Now we can put this whole stupid incident behind us and actually have some title fights.

  • Tommy says:

    He deserved to be stripped. Did anyone else catch Bas’s comment on the hdnet channel about it? He said, ‘If Sherk is true to his word and absolutely did not take steriods then his levels for the next fight should be the same as they were for that fight’ (paraphrase) Not only is that the truth but it also seemed like a bit of a dare or challenge to Sherk to come into the next fight with his levels above normal again. I bet he don’t.

  • operator says:

    Sherk already said he won’t fight in California again so maybe the ufc said OK we’re gonna take your belt then you can fight where ever you want. Maybe it was just becoming too much baggage to let him hold on to the belt. Fuck there are so many reasons to take it away from the guy why let him keep it at the UFC’s expence. The UFC tried to be flexible and do a inerim fight and he wined about that and pretty much called it a joke. He forgot that Dana was doing the lame ass interim thing so he could keep the belt. Fuck him clearly there is no keeping the guy happy but at least now he has reason to wine about.

  • Toxie says:

    Sherk is/was the most boring “champion,” in the history of MMA……I am glad that I no longer have to watch him hump other fighters for 25mins at a time. And, with the current rise of other great fighters in the stacked LW division, I do not see how they could justify an immediate title shot. Ooops, I forgot; him and Dana are friends…….shit

  • Mike_N says:

    It’s about freakin’ time. Between Sherk’s long post-surgery layoff and now the whole “did he/didn’t he juice” controversy, we’ve only seen someone defend the lightweight belt once since it was resurrected.

    With any luck, it means that the winner of Penn/Stevenson gets the belt and then fights the winner of a Florian/Huerta fight. With Penn, Stevenson, Huerta, Florian, Griffin, Edgar, Guida, Fisher, Lauzon, Thomas, Tavares, Maynard, Pellegrino, Diaz, Wiman, Gamburyan, Stephens, and now Diego Sanchez and Mac Danzig on the roster at 155, the UFC should put on at least two lightweight fights per card.

  • MDS says:

    Sherk Has worked harder than all of you assholes put together. You all sound like a bunch of jealous losers.

  • kentyman says:

    You’re new here, aren’t you?

  • D.G. says:

    By the time you get to the UFC level of competition, you have to be absolutely hands-on about All ASPECTS OF YOUR TRAINING. Not just some. ALL. Which includes knowing the pro’s and con’s regarding whatever “suppliments” you are shoveling into your mouth in mass quantities like Sherk does (By his own admission, 22 daily.). Even if Sherk is honestly innocent, he’s STILL guilty based on his own ignorance, and shouldn’t get a free pass. When Fernando Vargas switched trainers a few years back, he also got popped for banned substances. Instead of making excuses, he took full responsibility upon himself. Citing he personally should have done more reseach about the “suppliments”, he was being given by his new trainers. All I see Sherk doing, is laying out massive amounts of cash, trying to hold onto a belt he’s only defended once. And wasn’t even “natural” when he did so. He can complain about BJ Penn all he wants. But Penn’s alleged pot-smoking is certainly not even comparable to what Sherk participates in. As pot, is clearly not a performance-enhancing drug.