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UFC Fight Night payout notes

Brawl Sports has the official payroll from Saturday’s UFC Fight Night. A few interesting things worth noting:

  • Anderson Silva was paid a flat rate tonight … he made 200k with no win bonus, which is pretty unusual.
  • Brandon Vera tied Anderson Silva for pay (100k to fight and 100k to win), which is a travesty considering his shit performance against UFC virgin Reese Andy. The UFC had been relying on Vera to bring an exciting fight, and instead he had the worst performance on the entire card. People keep talking about Vera like he ain’t going nowhere, but the UFC has paid him 400k since his return and gotten nothing but shitty fights out of it.
  • Strangely enough, CB Dollaway is not stuck on the same TUF loser contract as the rest of the TUF losers on this card. Jesse Taylor, Tim Credeur and Cale Yarborough all fought for the standard 8k/8k. CB Dollaway got 10k/10k. I know it’s not that big of a difference, but it’s worth noting.