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UFC Fight Night 17 is Saturday Night; Danzig Still A Vegan

With all the ramifications of UFC 94 being the current hot topic in the MMA community, UFC Fight Night 17 seems to be receiving treatment similar to that of WEC 38 (meaning it’s being neglected like the treadmill in Artie Lange’s basement). The small amount of hype given to the event as of late is concerning the message board feud between Joe Lauzon and Hermes Franca, who aren’t even fighting each other. So here’s a reminder: there is a free event on Spike TV Saturday night. Joe Lauzon fights Jeremy Stephens in the main event, Cain Velasquez returns to rough up some Bosnian guy who trains with Alistair Overeem and Semmy Schilt, Anthony Johnson continues his ascent up the welterweight rankings, and before Josh Neer shows up at his local high school to talk about the evils of alcoholism, he’ll be squaring off with TUF6 winner and smug vegan Mac Danzig.

Here’s a quick clip in case you forgot what a smug vegan Mac Danzig actually is.

I enjoy this fun little quote:

I just don’t understand how anybody can have an animal in their lives and know that this is going on in these industries and think it’s okay to contribute to it.

I’ll tell you how, Mac: meat tastes really, really, really good. You could slaughter baby cows in front of me while I chewed on a grilled sirloin and I would not flinch. You could let the blood spray on my face and I would use it as a marinate. Fuck cows.

Mac, Did I mention that I heard a rumor that Josh Neer used to work the cattle gun at his local slaughter house? He also watches the opening of Bambi to get a good laugh. Maybe you should exact some revenge for all of your fallen animal friends this Saturday night.