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UFC Fight Night 17 is cursed

Every so often in MMA you come across a card that has been cursed by Odin himself. The last such card was UFC 85, which ended up having NINE fighters pull out with issues from injuries to jail time. UFC Fight Night 17 isn’t close to hitting that number yet, but shit has already affected three of the four televised fights:

  • Josh Neer (who will be facing off against Mac Danzig) got jailed for driving under the influence and evading the police. Sure, he’s not off the card, but anyone thinking this isn’t going to affect his performance is crazy.
  • Amir Sadollah (who was supposed to fight Nick Catone) broke his clavicle, which seems like a very not fun injury to sustain. This is actually the second time he’s had to pull out of a fight against Catone … the first time he was hit with some kind of horrible infection.
  • Hermes Franca (who was headlining alongside Joe Lauzon) is the latest victim, tearing his knee’s ACL. This time he has opted NOT to try and heal up his injuries with the help of steroids like he did against Sean Sherk.

It’s too bad that the UFC can’t just shuffle around a few fighters on the card … sticking Kurt Pellegrino up there with Joe Lauzon would get me excited for this event all over again. Unfortunately, it’s only Japanese promotions which seem to be okay with the last second bookings and such, so we’ll probably have to settle for a couple of no-names filling the voids left by Sadollah and Franca.

On the plus side (for everyone except Nick Catone), I doubt the UFC will keep the Catone fight on the televised portion of the card. Let’s cross our fingers and hope Anthony Johnson vs Luigi Fioravanti gets moved up to the televised part. Oh, and don’t forget to pray to the gods of war that nothing happens to Cain Velasquez between now and next weekend.