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UFC Fight Night 13 under-delivers in ratings

I’ve heard ups and I’ve heard downs regarding the UFC Fight Night 13 ratings. The most ‘up’ of them all has been directly from Spike, where they said that

UFC Fight Night 13 and Ultimate Fighter season seven premiere teamed up with Spike TV’s new original series “DEA” to draw the highest cable ratings of the night from 7 p.m. to Midnight ET/PT on Wednesday night in the valued Men 18-49 and Men 25-34 demographics. The Fight Night telecast scored higher than the ESPN telecast of the NBA’s Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers game.

MMA Junkie called the ratings ‘solid — if not spectacular — ratings’, while Bloody Elbow called em poor and “further proof that competitive and entertaining matches are good for the hardcores, but without star power in the main event shows will not draw”.

I gotta agree with BloodyElbow to a certain degree … while the point of the UFC Fight Night cards is to develop future stars for PPVs, that ain’t gonna happen if not a lot of people are watching. The UFC needs to stop being so stingy with the headlining matches and give us a fight on a UFC Fight Night that would really give people a lot of interest – say Wanderlei Silva vs Keith Jardine or something like that. I doubt it’ll happen any time soon, but a guy can dream right?

Regardless, the people who did tune in were rewarded with one of the best UFC shows in recent memory. While I’m unsure if a dip in viewing occured because of the totally shite Burkman / Swick card, one would hope that you can build upward momentum off a show like this.

  • Fatal Error says:

    I figured the ratings for this show might be a little lower than some of the previous UFNs. This show was really underpromoted compared to past shows. For past UFNs, I felt like the UFC was eye raping me with ads on multiple networks, but for this completely stacked card I felt like they just tried to slip it in gently. I blame underpromotion, and the fact that your average mma viewer is a tard that knows nothing of good matchups.

  • Xavier says:

    Hard to blame anything, those are great ratings for Cable. They also built their audience throughout the night. I have to imagine that if you broke it down by quarter hours, the seven-eight PM block is what dragged the rating down a bit.

    Fact is, Spike got exactly what they wanted. A 1.3 for DEA. That show’s premiere would have garnered a 0.4-0.6 otherwise. Past that, anything and everything else is gravy for them.

  • Tony Spilotro says:

    It’s kinda funny that the guy at Bloody Elbow posts the ratings and says that good fight don’t = star power, just a few hours after Dave Meltzer posted the exact same thing in his daily update…