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UFC / Fedor relations get even worse

A lot of people said Fedor losing would change the landscape of MMA completely but as far as I can tell, the one bit of landscaping fans actually give a crap about – Fedor coming to the UFC – is still the same as it ever was. Here’s Dana in his ‘Sorry for calling you a douchebag’ interview with Bloody Elbow’s Luke Thomas:

I think they’re all a bunch of losers. Here’s the thing. And everybody knows how long I’ve been saying this and everybody probably thought I was just saying it because I couldn’t come to terms with him. I don’t believe a guy who hasn’t fought anybody since 2005 should be considered one of the best fighters in the world. Yes, he was one of the best in what he accomplished back in the old days, but he hasn’t been fighting anybody recently. And now he just lost to a guy who couldn’t make it in the UFC. And the other thing, they didn’t sell any tickets to that fight. They did under a million-dollar gate, I don’t care what they say publicly, they did under a million-dollar gate. And they did 400 thousand viewers on television. So what that tells me is, nobody cares. The reality is the media, and a few guys on the Internet have pumped this guy up. I can’t believe nobody sees through the B.S.

And here’s Dana explaining why he totally sabotaged a six figure plus deal between Fedor and Tapout in the leadup to the Werdum fight:

“With the stuff that’s gone on between me and Fedor’s management and all the stuff that’s gone back and forth, do you think I’m really going to help them out in any way? You think I’m going to open the doors and say, come on in and try to compete with my business and do this and do that? You want to go out and you want to become a competitor with me and I’ve said this publicly many times, you know, and I really don’t give a [expletive] what anybody thinks about it. You want to come out and compete with me? Let’s compete and competing is fighting and we’re going to fight and compete until somebody wins and somebody loses.”

Of course, in the battle between the UFC and Fedor the main people that lose are the fans. ‘Waging war’ and messing with the money of a guy who has one fight left on his current contract isn’t exactly the best lead-in to potential contract negotiations. But from how Dana’s talking, you have to wonder if he’s even going to seriously try to sign Fedor this time around, and if Fedor will have any interest in agreeing to a deal that makes him look like a loser and Dana White’s bitch.