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UFC execs love terrible action movies

Our good friend Damon D from BetUS isn’t just an evil bloodsucking gambling magnate. He’s also got his own sports-related website dedicated to stupid shit involving balls, hoops, and nets. There’s some pretty good fight-related material on there too though, so we forgive the appearance of less manly sports.

This article here lets you in on a big UFC secret: most of the cheesy names from UFC events are directly ripped off from equally cheesy action flicks.

  • UFC 34 – High Voltage – 1997 Antonio Sabato Jr action flick
  • UFC 36 – Worlds Collide – 1951 Sci Fi Thriller
  • UFC 42 – Sudden Impact – Dirty effing Harry-1983
  • UFC 43 – Meltdown -Jet Li action flick from 1995
  • UFC 44 – Undisputed – 2002-Wesley frickin Snipes!
  • UFC 45 – Revolution – Al Pacino and Donald Sutherland
  • UFC 48 – Payback – 1999, Mel Gibson action comedy and crime! Meh.

There’s a shitload more where that came from, so go check it out.