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UFC denies trying to fuck over Affliction

It’s certainly been an interesting time to cover MMA … stories come out, and then the UFC denies the stories, and then the stories turn out to be true, but then the plan changes. It’s a clusterfuck. The latest contested story is the idea of the UFC cock blocking Affliction’s first PPV by counter programming a big show against it on Spike for free. But now the UFC is saying it isn’t true:

It was never an idea that was green-lighted by either UFC or Spike. A Sunday report saying that Wanderlei Silva and Brandon Vera were approached about potentially fighting on the date was confirmed to Y! Sports. Silva turned the date down, feeling it didn’t give him adequate time to prepare.

While multiple sources at UFC, as well as Spike, were denying the likelihood of such a show earlier Monday, fighters, including Vera, were still being talked with about possible matches for such a show. Due to timing issues, with the show being so close, UFC president Dana White is expected to make a final decision by Tuesday.

I find it funny that the UFC would claim the rumors are bullshit when there are multiple fighters confirming that they’ve been approached for the ‘bullshit rumor card’. While the denials might be an indication that the show can’t be pulled together in time, there’s already enough proof that they planned to do it if they could.

  • Steve says:

    To be fair, Dana is denying that it is a done deal. Due to the aforementioned time crunch, it is highly unlikely that this SpikeTV show will happen. Dana, for once, is squashing the rumor until he can confirm it.

    IMO, this is a welcome change from his normal approach of announcing all kinds of shit prematurely only to watch it all fall apart (Chuck-Wand, HBO deal, NY sanctioning, etc.).

  • Pontus says:

    Maybe Dana and Spike is denying so they can “Break” it at the TUF7 finale.

  • Hattori Hanzo Gracie says:

    Guess thats the big announcement. UFC- Spike TV special on the same night as the Afflifction show from New York. Everyone knows that Dana “RUA Fucking Fighter” White has no problem with a lie

  • fightfan says:

    From what I hear, the latest is that they(UFC) ARE TRYING to put together a july 19 event!!!

  • allthespoils says:

    fighters have been contacted. rather than a knee jerk announcement the i’s have to be dotted, etc. many of the fighters contacted are looking for a quick chance to avenge past performance. call it redemption. vera anyone? already in shape and ready to bang…