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UFC counter-programming is the new black

Dana White had already said he was planning on airing something special on July 26th – which just happens to be the date of EliteXC’s second CBS show. Of course he didn’t come out and say he was doing it to fuck them over … at this point, it’s just another lame ‘wink wink’ thing Dana White gets away with when talking to the press. “Hey, this has nothing to do with the competition at all. I didn’t even know there was a show.” How about someone in the press corps do their job and call Dana on being a fucking liar? I couldn’t care less that he counter-programs shit … hell, that’s his job. But for people to sit in the press conferences and let him get away with pretending he’s not doing it kinda sickens me. Grow some balls, people.

So where was I? Oh yeah. Rather than blow some money on creating a new special, the UFC has decided instead to just show UFC 84 (featuring Sherk vs Penn, Ortiz vs Machida, and Silva vs Jardine) again. It’s not too shabby of an idea, really. Normal fans are likely to choose real live fights over a special or recap show. But how many people are going to know that UFC 84 isn’t live and head to head against EliteXC? And who’s really going to pick EliteXC over the UFC? That’d be like picking RC Cola over Pepsi. Sure, RC Cola rocks (it’s the king of cola, after all), but not many people know that because they’re ignorant brand whores.