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UFC Countdown show does horribly

I’m beginning to suspect that Dana White might just have a drug problem. It’s the only way I can explain why he’s been doing such a piss poor job of promoting UFC 91. MMA Payout just announced the numbers for viewers that tuned in to watch the countdown show were well below average.

Of course, apart from the mega fight between Brock and Randy, this card barely deserves to be a free live event, let alone a pay per view. The Stevenson vs Florian fight has promise, but not a single human being cares about Gonzaga since his spirit was broken by Couture. While Quarry may have a fan or two (literally), his last fight with Starnes felt as though my face was smeared in a shitty diaper (not that it was his fault, but I can still taste it in my mouth).

I feel weird complaining on the quality of the card, but my suspicion is that every one knows secretly that this might actually be a steaming pile of shit. Although I don’t doubt that I’ll be entertained, I watch MMA for a living, and I haven’t missed one pay per view in over 2 years now. They don’t need to worry about guys like me, but they really didn’t do enough to attract more casual fans. Sure, Brock is a big name and a great way to bring WWE fans into the fray, but if the Countdown show did so poorly, it sounds like Dana might have ben resting on his laurels on this one.