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UFC continues to throw UK fighters under the bus

Goddamn is the UFC stupid. For all their protection and promotion of Michael Bisping as the face of UK MMA, they haven’t spent an iota of time developing any other UK fighters. In fact, they seem content to fill their British shows with US fighters of dubious British ancestry rather than feature many REAL hometown fighters.

You’d think since they’re serious about staying in the UK, the UFC might wanna consider *not* throwing UK fighters under the bus against more skilled North American competition. But the UFC has showed no signs of stopping this trend, and UK fighters have gone 0-5 in the last two UK shows (minus Bisping, who as far as I’m concerned is now a citizen of Fagistan).

For fucks sake, the UFC could at least put UK guys against eachother so then you’ll have at least one hometown winner per show. Even buttfuck travelling promotions understand the advantages of doing that. But no … the UFC seems content to book UK fighters in matches they simply ain’t gonna win. The latest example of this: Sam Stout vs Terry Etim.

I’m all for challenging fights and stuff, but how long are the UK fans going to enjoy watching their boys get beaten by retards from America? Everyone was throwing a fit because the hometown boys from UFC77 got smashed. How the fuck do you think the crowds in the UK are liking that kind of medicine for every show?

Anyways, I hope Hywel Teague comes out and tells us his take on this, because I think the UFC is fucking dumb for not working harder at tying British nationalism and pride into their events.

  • Accomando says:

    “…I’m all for challenging fights and stuff, but how long are the UK fans going to enjoy watching their boys get beaten by retards from America…”

    Hamill is deaf, thats why he sounds retarded. Jeez, you need to bone up on some of that good ole canadian sensitivity.

  • stellar53 says:

    ^ Sam Stout is from Canada…….

  • stellar53 says:

    or the Americas

  • kentyman says:

    …how long are the UK fans going to enjoy watching their boys get beaten by retards from America?

    He’s deaf, not retarted.

  • Accomando says:

    #4 a little late, see # 1

  • E says:

    Didn’t Etim actually win his first outing against Grice at the UFC show in Manchester?

  • jazzn says:

    What do you think Dana’s “huge” announcement is going to be?

  • LR says:

    Who cares, Bisping is a god damn can. He’ll be sent back to England after his contract is up and he and Ross Pointon can kick each other outside of the pub after a long night of grab ass.

  • intenso says:

    whatever. this isn’t pro wrestling.

    There are already too many mediocre fighters stuck in the UFC to worry about packing in some British guys just for the sake of a hometown pop.

  • Jordan Breen says:

    There aren’t a lot of UFC-calibre UK fighters, and that includes many circulating in the UFC now. Moreover, the UFC don’t have their hands on a lot of the better UK talents like Daley, Wallhead, Hardy, Norman, and Mohammed anyway. The UK fighters aren’t exactly being unfairly buried. Taylor-Davis, Etim-Tibau… those are winnable match-ups. Giving them absolute jobbers for the sole sake of them winning in front of the UK fans is retarded, whether or not it would make a handful of South London wannabe cagefighters feel good about themselves.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    simply put, ppl from the UK are pussies.

    our farmers kicked their asses with pitch forks. nuff said.

  • Jonathan says:

    Nothing like a ol’ Revolutionary War jib-jab.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    You realize they are putting Etim, a guy who has won 90% of his fights by submission, against Stout, a guy who lost to Florian by sub in a minute and a half?

    This looks like they’re doing everything they can to give Etim a win against a recognizable fighter.

  • Mark Pickering says:

    There are plenty of UFC-calibre fighters in the UK and many of whom are more highly regarded and more seasoned than the promotions current British contingent.

  • Jemaleddin says:


    I don’t claim to agree or disagree with any of the comments about the quality of UK fighters, but some examples would certainly help you make your case.

  • Jordan Breen throws out some good examples of higher-calibre UK fighters. It’s definately a problem that the best in the UK aren’t given shots. But you also should take into account the fact that for the most part MMA in the UK hasn’t evolved as much as in north america. You don’t have the same quality of opponents or training partners or training camps. Even the most gifted of fighters won’t be as good as an average north american on account of the level of training they’re getting.

    So I suppose my point is that if the UFC isn’t going to be grabbing the cream of the crop (which they should be), they should be doing more to help the UK fighters on their roster develop their skills so they don’t just chew them up and spit them out. It’s not their responsibility to do this … but it does make good business sense.

  • Stouts not fighting Etim, he is fighting Per Eklund from Sweden, who is a Shooto vet and spent a lot of time training and TQ Cali

    should be a great fight. but yeah I kind of agree some of the UK vs the world matches are pretty poor, but then thats maybe because the UFC have got nowhere near the best UK fighters on their books (aside from Bisping).

    Etim is def top five LWs but was untested before getting in the Octagon. the rest of the UK UFC roster is not of this quality.

  • James says:

    Whining doesn’t do anything… You should be thankful UFC is pitting this fighters with names… If they won those fights they would be well known by now… It’s not UFC’s fault they lost. The fight between Paul Taylor against Marcus Davis was a good match… I actually picked Taylor to win that fight. Dude, don’t forget other UK and german fighter on that card that won Jess Liaudin and Dennis Siver… You just whine because your favorite UK fighter lost.

  • I don’t have a favorite UK fighter … mainly because the UFC has been shit at developing them. All I’m saying is if they were smart they would have given one or two of them the Huerta treatment

  • voodooman says:

    Kicked our asses with pitchforks??Like the gooks kicked your asses with
    sticks and stones ya freak