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UFC cancels Montreal event, FML

Oh woe is me. The UFC has cancelled the highly anticipated but never officially announced UFC 145 in Montreal. There were scheduling issues. Or headliner issues. Whatever, pick one and stop asking questions. The word is most of the fights from the abandoned card will be moved to the UFC’s April 21st card in Atlanta, so I hope Georgia enjoys watching Canadian fighters because 145 was full of em.

It’s interesting that the UFC took the unusual step of actually pulling the plug on one of their scheduled pay-per-views. We’ve seen them limp through some pretty awful cards last year, but perhaps the damage that did to the PPV brand taught them a little something about holding an event just because it’s written out on a whiteboard. Dana White says they’re having to reshuffle their entire spring schedule – possibly because they’re having trouble filling 12 months of cards even with 7 (soon to be 8) divisions worth of champions:

Bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is on hold until after Season 15 of “The Ultimate Fighter” and will then face fellow coach Urijah Faber. Featherweight champ Jose Aldo just fought last week. Lightweight champ Frankie Edgar fights next month in Japan against Ben Henderson. The interim welterweight title will be contested in two weeks in Las Vegas while champion Georges St-Pierre, a Montreal native, is on the shelf. Anderson Silva is waiting out an injury and will defend his middleweight belt this summer. And heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos will face Alistair Overeem – but not likely until the summer.

Between expansion and injuries, it’s not surprising that the UFC is running into some scheduling issues. Just my luck they kaibosh the UFC coming to my city, but I don’t blame them. It’s -30 outside right now in this snow and ice encrusted winter hellscape. Hotlanta sounds better to me too.

  • glassjawsh says:

    you know you’ve got it bad when people in northern (lake effect snow affected) indiana make fun of you because you’re weather is shitty