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UFC Booking Round-Up

It’s that time again, folks. A smorgasbord of fight bookings have been announced or heavily rumored in the past few days, so I’m presenting them to you in a neat little package. Let’s get to it.

– Quinton Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida is in the works for an as-yet-unannounced UFC event in the fall. Hopefully Jackson makes a comment questioning Machida’s Brazilianness (?) in the lead-up to this one in order to make things interesting. Either that or Machida pisses in a cup and tosses it in Jackson’s face right before the fight.

Diego Sanchez vs. Paulo Thiago is happening at UFC 121 in October. While every fight in the UFC is a big fight for those involved, this one is a big fight for both of these guys. With both men being elite fighters each coming off of a loss, the winner of this one will maintain his status as a contender while the loser will drop off into the middle of the pack. Sanchez is a unique brand of crazy and Thiago is a goddamn special forces assassin. These two are going to rip each other apart for the enjoyment of the bloodthirsty masses.

– Patrick Cote vs. Tom Lawlor will also take place at UFC 121. Recently, the Canadian was on a five fight win streak, with all of those wins coming either in the UFC or against UFC-level competition. Now he’s on a two-fight slide and could find himself cut from the organization with a loss. As for Lawlor, he surprised a lot of people by winning his first two Octagon bouts decisively and then engaging in a FOTN war with Aaron Simpson at UFC Fight Night 20 before being choked out by Joe Doerksen two months ago. Similar to Cote, Lawlor could find himself out of a job with a loss here. I’ve got a feeling somebody is going to wake up on their back and out-of-sorts at the end of this one, which is how your mother feels after a night out with yours truly.

– John Hathaway vs. Mike Pyle will be third-from-the-top at UFC 120. Hathaway was all set to fight “Stun Gun” Kim but that creepy foot fetishist (he’s Asian) went and got himself injured. Pyle took the offer and will provide yet another tough test for the Brit, who is now 4-0 in the UFC. Like my close-talking uncle who used to always want to play “ “>night crawlers” with me, Hathaway has seemingly crept up out of nowhere to the top of the 170-pound ranks. With another win, he’ll have to be a fight away from a crack at the belt.

Question: Since we’re on the topic of fight bookings, how about you shitbirds start playing matchmaker? Here’s the deal: After getting booted off of TUF7 with a loss to Amir Sadollah, Gerald Harris went and beat down a whole bunch of bitches before getting the call back to the UFC. In a mere seven months, he’s KOd three undefeated opponents in the UFC and become the prospect at 185. At this point, the company has to be very careful with who they match Harris up with next. He’s clearly a step or two up from the rest of these UFC noobs, but at the same time he’s not yet ready to get thrown in against Nate Marquardt or Vitor Belfort.

So, who should Gerald Harris get matched up with next?