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The UFC actually signed James Toney

You may have heard that the UFC went ahead and signed over the hill boxer James Toney, a decision that Dana White himself seems almost as confused as everyone else about. Dana says he has no idea what they’re gonna do with him yet, and the only other really interesting news this far regarding the signing is that Toney has gotten a special exemption from Zuffa’s standard ‘We own your ass’ contract so that he can keep boxing.

Bringing Toney in harkens back to the early days of MMA when the main point of the UFC was to pit different styles against eachother to see which was superior. Sure, it might seem a bit silly to step back a decade and a half to retread that shit, but hey – everyone is paying attention now. If James Toney wants to remind the world what happens to boxers when they step into the cage, who are we to say no? He did spend the last few months begging for the opportunity, after all.

As far as I’m concerned, the only way this can really go downhill is if Dana White and the UFC decide to ratchet the freak-o-meter up to a hellawatt of stupid by putting together something like Toney vs Kimbo Slice. Kimbo is already the most dubious MMA fighter on the UFC’s roster and teaming him up with Toney is like taking a giant pile of shit, pouring it on an even bigger pile of shit, and then setting it on fire. All in front of what would be an unfortunately large number of people due to sports networks loving them some dumb ass fighting crap.

As for how likely Kimbo vs Toney is … well, it’s worth noting that as far as Kimbo’s totally non-sketchy manager ‘Icey Mike’ is concerned, they’re still going to fight Matt Mitrione in Montreal. But the Slice / Mitrione fight has disappeared off the website, which has certainly raised a few eyebrows. Also keep in mind the very ironic fact that as far as athletic commissions are concerned, Kimbo might be one of the very few fighters on the UFC roster inexperienced enough to be considered a ‘legitimate’ first opponent for Toney. How LOL is that?