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UFC 99 starting to solidify

Bookings come in bursts and spurts, and right now I’m imagining that Joe Silva and Dana White are pulling all-nighters trying to lock everything into place for UFC 98, 99, and 100. Latest news on UFC 99? Mirko, BJ vs Kenny, and Wand vs Rich:

“I talked to Mirko probably about a month ago,” White told Setanta Sports, the UK network which broadcasts UFC events across the British Isles.

“He said he’s ready to come back. He wants to come back in the UFC and he’d love to fight in Germany. I’m talking to his agent right now, and we’re trying to figure out what we can do.”

White also said that BJ Penn and Kenny Florian will probably clash on the card, and Wanderlei Silva is likely to feature as well, although he did not confirm that the Brazilian would be fighting Rich Franklin.

“B.J. (Penn) is probably going to defend his 155-pound title against Kenny Florian, and I’m thinking maybe it’s going to be in Germany,” White said. “Wanderlei (Silva) will probably fight on that Germany card, too. Not sure yet, but possibly.”

We had mentioned Wand vs Rich and Mirko’s possible return but it’s cool to hear that 99 might be the date for BJ’s lightweight defense against Kenny Florian. And I don’t think I have to explain to you guys how excited I am for Mirko to come back to the UFC and redeem himself. I’ve been all weepy and depressed since he got groin-shotted out of the UFC two years ago.