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UFC 98 weigh-in pictures

WEC’s top dogs or a John and his boys heading back to the cabana?

Pictures of the UFC 98 weigh-ins from Combat Lifestyles after the jump.

“I plan on winning by not letting Rashad’s fists get any closer than yours, Joe.”

We feel the same way about the idea of Machida as champion.

Professor X is actually just Wanderlei Silva with a crazy spray on tan.

So does Dana not like blondes or something? These girls are as different as the small / medium / large cups at a fast food joint.

The Matt Hughes fight was canceled when commissioners realized he was trying to hide a giant hole under a pubic dusting of chest hair.

Looks like you could make it to 185, Lyoto. Why not trade belts with Anderson after this weekend?

Machida-bot number 1 bows to Rashad as Machida-Bot number 2 looks on.

“Do you think people will finally like you if you slay the dragon?”