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UFC 98 injuries keep coming

Every so often a card comes along that just seems to have a black cat jammed up it’s ass. The last time that happened was UFC 85 in England, which gutted the card with 7 fighter pull outs. By the time Thiago Alves missed weight by 4 pounds for the main event, Dana White said he just wanted the fucking event to end already.

Now the big changes for UFC 97 have already happened – they went from a Mir / Lesnar fight to a Jackson / Rashad fight to a Rashad / Machida fight, so unless one of those two guys gets hurt I can’t imagine Uncle Fester sweating like he was in the UK. But the ouchies are starting to pile up on this one and if there’s another pullout then 97 will tie 85 for most injuries off one card. Here’s the current body count:

Frank Mir (scoped knee)
Quinton Jackson (jaw and arm injury)
Josh Koscheck (broken toe)
Yushin Okami (knee again)
James Irvin (fucked knee)
Houston Alexander (new – broken hand)

The most frustrating thing about all this is that if Frank Mir hadn’t pulled out of UFC 98 (unnecessarily, I might add), then Quinton Jackson would have had enough time to heal and we would have gotten Evans vs Jackson at UFC 100 instead of Machida / Evans now. I suppose it’s appropriate that Lyoto Machida may become champ on a cursed card. But is it too much to ask that the curse comes through and strikes Lyoto down in the next three weeks? I’ve got a feeling his training partners hit him even less than he gets hit in the cage so a bolt of lightning might be required, Lord.