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UFC 97 in Montreal is all about Redemption

Redemption is a funny word. It means absolution for past sins, and the protection from damnation. I don’t think we should ever take the UFC’s naming convention seriously, but we here at Fightlinker thought it might be a good idea to take a wild guess as to why this card has such a nomenclature. Let’s take a look at the fighters:

Chuck Liddell: Yeah, this guy does need some absolution. His sin included being beaten by Keith Jardine, getting knocked out by Rashad Evans brutally, and generally looking soft and patetic in the cage recently.

Shogun Rua: Do I even need to tell you why this fucking guy needs redemption? If he doesn’t put on a good performance, he’s likely to be damned back to Brazil, or at the very least be hung up to dry for so long that not one human being will care who the fuck he is.

David Loiseau: Anytime you get kicked out of the UFC, your comeback fight better be fucking epic. Loiseau is notorious for being lazy and undisciplined, so it’s up in the air which guy will actually show up in the octagon.

Ed Herman: Ed is coming off two straight losses, so he’s in need of a win if he ever wants people to stop thinking he’s just your typical creepy ginger.

Sam Stout: Sam loves to get punched in the face. That, or he’s terrible at keeping his cock-sucking hands up. He’s a tough bastard, but all of these decision losses recently have people jumping off his bandwagon.

A significant portion of the fighters in the undercard are coming off losses, so at least some of these guys have to win, hence: redemption! Too bad the fucking poster is so damn ugly.