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UFC 96 post fight thoughts

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Here’s a few quick observations coming out of the show last night.

  • Shane Carwin has the potential to take away the “ManBearPig” mantra from Brock Lesnar. If he obliterates his next opponent (I’m thinking Kongo or Dos Santos) and Lesnar puts a hoitin’ on Mir, the fight between these two will be an old fashioned slobberknocker. Props to good ol’ JR.
  • Seeing Matt Brown smack around an already dazed Pete Sell was like watching a lioness kill a wounded gazelle. Yves Lavigne should be held legally liable for any brain damage Sell suffered. The Long Island native never seemed to be that bright of a guy to begin with and after last nights show he’ll probably need help putting together sentences even more so than before.
  • Satan better have a suite ready for me in hell for laughing at Matt Hamill’s post fight speech like I was watching a George Carlin HBO special. The guy should be commended for not only the adversity he has overcome in his life but for putting the work in to become the fighter he is today. Despite that, when I’m all boozed up I can’t help but laugh like a small girl when Joe Rogan asks him to walk us through a video clip. If you’re a burn victim, you’re not going to try out for a beauty pagent. If you’re blind, it wouldn’t make sense to be an art critic. Similarly, if you’re deaf and have a speech impediment, you should keep your talking to a minimum if you’re asked to speak on national television. Or maybe I should just stop being an immature, uncaring prick.
  • I hate Kendall Grove. Something about his mullet, his silly tattoos, and his constant attempts to emulate Tito Ortiz make me really enjoy watching him get punched in the face. Too bad our boy Jason Day came up a little short.
  • Michael Patt should start filling out his unemployment papers now. The lines are getting longer everyday so I recommend he gets there early to avoid the crowd.
  • Even though he can’t seem to put his opponents away, Gray Maynard is officially a contender at 155. Jim Miller and Frankie Edgar are two very tough opponents. Rich Clementi is no slouch either. I don’t see him taking out B.J. or Florian anytime soon, but everybody else in the division should watch out.
  • Rashad Evans needs to stay the fuck out of the announce booth. People seem to forget what Rogan and Goldie do for the product until somebody comes in and fucks up their rythym. It seems every time the guy goes out and does something impressive (like knocking out two of the sport’s biggest stars in a row) he follows it up with something that makes my blood boil (like getting in the announce booth to give a verbal rimjob to his buddy Keith).
  • I feel like Tamdan McCrory is going to get matched up with another solid young fighter in his next fight — somebody like Anthony Johnson or the Swick/Saunders winner. Then we’ll see if he’s improved his game to the point where he can beat somebody of actual value. Submission losses to Hazelett and Gono are entirely understandable, but a third loss on his UFC record will relegate him to permanent prelim status or send him to the unemployment line with Big Mike Patt.
  • How about Forrest vs. Jardine II sometime in August or September? Anybody with me?

UPDATE: MMAJunkie is reporting that Carwin is giving up his full time job as an engineer to train full time. The physical gifts this guy has are outstanding and now he’ll have the time to sharpen the tools in his toolbox. SCARY.