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UFC 96 just got a bit more interesting

If you thought the card was looking like it might be light on big names (who’s their biggest draw right now, Vera? Carwin?), my guess is we won’t be disappointed by them. Another fight that I’m looking forward to now is Shane Nelson vs Aaron Riley. We got to meet and watch Aaron fight in Montreal, and he’s one tough son of a bitch. He pushed hard on Claveau the whole fight, and it was an electrifying match. Not one person was still sitting in their seats in the end. As for his comeback in the UFC, and he had a barn burner with punching bag Jorge Gurgel, which netted him a cool 60k for fight of the night.

Nelson is a decision machine, and doesn’t seem to have much finishing power. On paper, it looks as though they are sending a sheep to the slaughter, which is fine by me. Nelson needs to start showing that he can do more than eek out a victory, and he certainly won’t be able to do it with Riley. If he wants to win, he’ll have work harder then he ever has in his life. This is his toughest fight, so I’m curious to see if Shane has what it takes to stay in the big leagues.

If they can’t get any of the big name draws, my hope is they are going to keep putting these kinds of quality matchups together, especially in the undercards. I’m not going to write off Nelson completely, since i haven’t seen enough of him to decide if he’s got the right skills or not. It’s why this matchup is so interesting. It’s fucking do or die time for Nelson, so we’ll see what he’s made of.