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UFC 96 in Columbus part two: bloggageddon

So the last I left you guys I was on the way to the Arnolds, which started off very well for me. Two steps into the thing and I got dragged into a side room by a woman offering a free massage. I know I shouldn’t accept massage offers from strangers but she seemed legit and I ended up in a dark room with soft Japanese music in the background sitting on a $10,000 hot stone massage table. The table was soft and cushy and had what felt like hot bowling balls inside that came up and rolled along my spine, calves, neck, everywhere. After a 20+ hour bus ride, I can’t really explain how awesome it was.

Afterwards I did the rounds in the big expo room. It was packed to the tits with gigantic people, making moving around pretty hard. MMA was pretty well represented: dudes there included Frank Mir, Bas Rutten, Clay Guida, Arianny, Junie Browning, Brian Stann, and a bunch of random TUF people. Unfortunately everyone was surrounded by massive throngs of people. Even Shane Nelson had a giant line so there was no way to push forward and get interviews.

There was tons of shit going on that day … gymnastics, table tennis, weightlifting, model contests, and on and on and on. But no grappling, which is being done as we speak. I’d go back today to catch that but I figured writing a posts was a better idea, plus I kinda blew my budget last night while drunk. We now get to see if I can live off $22 until I get home Monday morning.

After the Arnolds I hit up a pub to meet with our friend Jeremy … he’s the jackal who hooked us with Jason Day. He was in from Alberta with Jason Day’s family to see him fight. Over a beer I convinced Jason’s mom that Kendall Grove doesn’t really have any tools to beat Jason … no KO power and his submission game wasn’t as good as Day’s. The more I think about it, the more I feel good about this fight. I think Day is gonna kill Grove.

Afterwards we hit the weigh-ins, where I met up with Kris from MMA Frenzy and Ben from CagePotato. Nothing really interesting happened at the weigh-ins which was good because I had to spend the whole time texting people and sorting where we were going afterwards. We ended up at a place next to the arena drinking half-gallon beers at $4 a pop. Awesomeness.

On the way to the Sugar Bar, we pit-stopped at a sports pub where I nearly got my ass kicked for telling my “What’s drunk, high, and scary 5 years ago? Chuck Liddell!” joke a bit too loudly. Things took a turn for the worst when I told the Affliction wearing gentleman that I thought Jardine was gonna take Jackson to a decision, but cans of whup ass were avoided because I think I was just too jolly and agreeable to beat up. That, or because Ben was sitting with us and he’s a pretty big guy.

At the Sugar Bar we met up with Maggie Hendricks from Yahoo and Zak from Watch Kalib Run. Joe Stevenson was there and he chewed me out for giving him a DVD full of pornography that didn’t work back in September. I think he tried to stick it in his dvd player when it was a bunch of avi files for the computer. I tried to explain this but after drinking Bud Light for 6 hours I was finally pretty drunk. Plus communicating over the terrible Oasis / Lil Wayne mashups the DJ was dropping was nigh impossible.

So that’s Friday for ya. Today the CrashMMA bus gets in at 4 and our pal Iggy from MMA Junkie is rolling into town soon so it should be a good day even if I’m gonna have to sneak a 5 dollar footlong into the fancy restaurant we’re all meeting at. I’ll be back to blog some more late late tonight (unlikely) or early tomorrow (more likely). Til then, enjoy UFC 96!