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UFC 96 in Columbus part three

One of the things that made this weekend great was the weather … it’s been a constant 15 degrees Celsius the whole time, meaning I was able to louge around outside watching all the Arnold people in their skimpy outfits wandering around. After posting up the site in the morning I chilled out in a park in between the arenas and relaxed until txt messages from everyone started rolling back in.

First off was a lunch of beers with Jeremy and Jason Day’s trainer. Then it was a dinner of beers with Kris and Ben waiting for the CrashMMA bus to arrive. They pulled in around 6pm with Sean Sherk and Chris Lytle in tow … the whole meet and greet happened at the hotel so I missed it! Still, Sean Sherk told me he “loved those shirts” (I was rocking our Free Randy shirt – it’s funny in a different kind of way now) but I’m not sure if he meant he loved Fightlinker’s shirts or just funny MMA shirts in general. I didn’t bring up Fightlinker. When you’ve spent a good 9 months reaming a dude, you don’t go up to him at a nice cordial dinner and go “I’m that motherfucker on the internet” and ruin everyone’s time. Or at least that’s how I justified it. Sherk is small, but very wide.

Since we ate at a brewery, I was drinking real beer and not Bud Light (which is to beer as spam is to meat in my opinion). And because I’m a three drink drunk and drank five pints, I was in the bag before the event even started. We got in to find out we’d just missed the Aaron Riley fight … everyone in the arena agreed that he got fucked over but no one was able to properly explain to me what happened.

From there the undercard was a blur and the main card went in the blink of an eye too. I was amazed at the sheer number of brutal KO’s … it seemed like everyone that got knocked out went down like they’d been shot in the face with a shotgun. Since I watched the show in a booze filled stupor I might be slightly wrong on this statement, but it seemed like there were maybe 2 or 3 submission attempts across the entire night.

Watching Keith Jardine really fight Quinton Jackson was impressive … I’ve never really been a Jardine fan but he fought the good fight against Jackson and I come out of this actually looking forward to seeing his next fight (so long as it’s not part of another ‘We got nothing else’ headline fight). When Quinton said he needed those three rounds a lot of people were scratching their heads but I understand … training for months and then having a 2 minute fight fucks with people’s heads. Now Jackson had 15 minutes to get back into the swing of things. I think the more he fights the better he gets … ring rust is a real thing.

The after-fight goings on were pure anarchy. I ended up sitting outside a jock pub with Zak watching drunk chicks in high heels faceplant on a regular basis. I didn’t feel like spending more time in the Sugar Bar (they’ve ruined the word ‘Sexy’ for me … those that were there will understand) but I had to stick around to catch the CrashMMA bus back to my hotel. But because of the cocksucking hour change no one knew what was going on and Zak ended up driving me back at 4 (or 3 who knows stupid ass daylight savings).

The bus ride back is another complete story … I literally walked in the door 30 minutes ago so its 35 travel hours that were quite eventful. Didn’t really have anything to do with MMA so dunno if I’ll post it up but long story short I almost got into a fistfight on the Greyhound between Toronto and Montreal – my second ‘almost’ fight of the weekend!

All in all I give the weekend a tired thumbs up but I’m looking forward to next month when the MMA universe travels to Montreal. I’m exhausted, my feet are all blistered up and smell like rotten cabbage, and I never want to ride another Greyhound bus again. The difference between the CrashMMA bus and standard Greyhound was like the difference between Heaven and Hell.