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UFC 96 in Columbus part 1: the arrival

Yo jackals! I’m in Columbus now … pulled into the bus station at 6AM this morning, which made the trip a whopping 22 hours long. I decided to come via the regular molesto-bus rather than the CrashMMA bus for two reasons: 1) So I wouldn’t miss all the Friday fun 2) A bus ticket from Montreal to Columbus is CHEAPER than a bus ticket to Toronto where I’d then have to take a cab to where the CrashMMA bus was. I’ll be headed back to Canada on the bus though, so hopefully I’ll see some jackals there.

Since I’ve only been here for a few hours I don’t have too much to report, but thus far Columbus seems a lot nicer than Cincinnati. In Cin City I was nearly mugged by a crackhead with a chemo plug sticking out of his chest literally 10 steps away from the bus station. In Columbus, the bus station is in the middle of downtown and it was a nice 5 minute stroll down the road to Caribou Coffee, where I’m sitting now trying to post some shit for your entertainment today.

I need to get everything done by noon so I can get out the door to the Arnolds where Dana White and Quinton Jackson are doing some kind of display thing. From there I’m meeting up with Kris from MMA Frenzy (who’s now old enough to drink, they grow up so fast!) and after that I think I’m going to be busy busy busy until tomorrow morning where I’ll once again try to make a 4 hour block in the morning for posts and such.

The Arnolds is likely to be a right freakshow so I’m excited to see that. Already I’ve seen so many bodybuilders with terrible tans that it feels like I’m in a supersoldier burn ward. Seriously, even the chicks have been charred brown-black with tanning. I think I’d rather date a leper than a tanner. Bleargh. But yeah, I’ve got my video camera here and I’m hoping to catch all the insanity plus a few interviews and such while I’m down. Wish me luck!