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UFC 95 cocktease

Now, I hate to be a bother, but every time the UFC puts on a show in England, it’s normally sub par. I mean, no offense guys, but the caliber of fighters coming out of your country doesn’t exactly make for a spectacular show. The worst is usually their prelim cards, where they stuff British guys with no ground game against other Europeans with a slight amount of ground game. Why any patriotic Britain wants to watch their hometown heroes get smashed is beyond me.

But now those nutty soccer hooligans might have something to look forward to. The UFC announced that Feb 21st (which is a few days from my birthday) may feature Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell for UFC 95.

If they get this puppy off the ground, it’ll be the biggest card they’ve ever had. Now, here are a few rules that the UFC should adhere to if they don’t want their event to suck:

1) Don’t include Marcus Davis. He’s already fighting in Dublin, which is a fucking travesty. It’s just irritating, and it’s become a fucking joke to have him at UK events. Also, ban him from attending even as a spectator.

2) Stop sending UK fighters to their doom. Is anyone else tired of British fighters getting dominated on the ground? If you can’t find proper match ups for these local guys, don’t fucking use them.

3) Don’t promise this fight and then not have a good backup plan. I don’t have to mention that fuck ups have happened, and that they’ve been caught with their pants down. With all the money they spend going to England, you’d think they’d have a backup plan in case some major names can’t make it.

Other than the annoyance of having the events broadcast at 3 in the afternoon (which fucks me up something fierce), I’m looking forward to a fight that can redeem the shitty handjob that was Silva v. Cote. Now if Chuck can avoid jail time, that would be great.