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UFC 94: Full Service

So here’s the deal for tonight: we’ll be doing another full service show … chat starts at 9:30PM, posts will follow each fight, and then a live radio show will start after the last fight on the card (meaning if there’s a prelim fight shown after GSP / Penn, we’ll start after that). We’ve also doubled the number of live listeners that can tune in at once … after the Affliction show we topped out and I apologize for anyone who was stuck without a way to listen.

Interesting Fightlinker stuff related to UFC 94 that you should know about:

The ‘Local Flavor’ BJ / GSP Bet
Bloody Elbow and Fightlinker are involved in a bet over the Georges St Pierre / BJ Penn fight. If GSP wins, Bloody Elbow’s Michael Fagan has to chug a bottle of maple syrup, which I’m quite confident will make him barf thick golden goo all over the place. If BJ Penn wins, I will have to eat a pig’s foot, which I can pretty much guarantee will result in me barfing up pig hoof. Either way, you guys get to see one of us degraded.

The WAR GSP BANANA contest
The person who submits the best War Banana wins a copy of L Jon Wertheim’s new MMA book “Blood in the Cage”. The winner will be announced after UFC 94 on the radio show.

The BetUS Blog-stravaganza
BetUS got a bunch of it’s affiliate bloggers together to see who could make the most money off their UFC 94 betting lines with 500 fantasy bucks. I went for a daring 5-way parlay bet: Georges St Pierre + Stephan Bonnar + Jon Fitch + Chris Wilson + Matt Arroyo to win $2411.76.

Worsties Voting
Worsties voting ends TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. So go vote.