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UFC 94: “Doomsday” Predictions

(If you all forgot about this fun new addition, we’re lucky enough to have tortured/tricked Jason “Dooms” Day into making fight predictions for us. Here’s his lowdown on UFC 94)

So I think it’s fair to say that I’m not about to quit training and use my crystal ball to bet on MMA. My long shot, Horn, didn’t pan out as expected but a guys gotta have some balls when he picks. My man Dan fought according to plan. I think that was a pretty good example of grinding out a decision. The fight between Kang and Belcher was also going according to plan as Kang rocked him with a few solid shots but then got caught. Now Belcher thinks he’s the second coming. Go figure. I really like how Kampmann looked. I think he may have found his true fighting weight and could entertain us with a bunch of quality fights over the next year.

On to the card all true fight fans have been waiting for:

Lightweight: Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida

Hmmmm. This has the makings of a great fight and could truly go either way. Nate is slick as hell and tough as nails. He can take a punch and submit you in one pass. But, you gotta love Clay’s heart and relentless style. Sometimes it’s the intangibles that make a fight and I think that may be the case in this one. How do you measure heart? I think Clay will wear Nate down over a three round war and take the decision with confidence.

Welterweight: Karo Parisyan vs. Dong Hyun-Kim

I love watching Karo fight. His use of Judo in the Octagon is great to watch. The most interesting aspect of this fight may be watching how Karo performs and reacts to the inevitable nerves that you face walking into the cage. After the mishap before his last fight, I expect him to have everything under control. My crystal ball tells me there will be a few acrobatic and entertaining throws from Karo that lead to a dominating ground’n pound or submission finish in his favor.

Light Heavyweight: Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones

To be frank, I don’t know a heck of a lot about Jon Jones. What I do know is that Stephan will be itching to get back into the cage and earn another win. He will be more than ready after being laid up for so long and would not have come back yet unless he was. I really don’t think Jones will be able to weather Bonnar’s storm. Bonnar TKO in the second frame because of pent up anger and enthusiasm.

Light Heavyweights: Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva

Two undefeated fighters will fight cautiously in this one. Overall, I think Machida will grind out another decision. He may not be the most exciting fighter, but he truly is a technician and always has a good game plan. Machida dictates the manner of the fight to his opponents. Thirteen times this has worked to his benefit. I just don’t see Silva being able to change the direction of the fight in any way that will allow him to win.

Welterweight: George St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn

I can’t wait for this fight. Historically, boxing rarely provided us the chance to watch two pound for pound monsters fight each other during their prime. The UFC gives us this chance a couple times a year and this one may be the biggest! I absolutely can’t see this fight going any other way but in St. Pierre’s favor. He has the bigger frame, is definitely stronger, and is probably the most athletic fighter in MMA. BJ has sick striking and Ju Jitsu and is certainly motivated for this fight. But, George is just as technical and there simply isn’t a better MMA wrestler. The only way BJ will win this fight is by a slick sub and I don’t see George letting himself get into a position that lets that happen. GSP will score points and damage BJ when they engage and remain aggressive enough to nullify BJ’s strengths. I strongly predict GSP by TKO in round three.

So there you have it – my main card predictions. I’m hard at work in the gym and haven’t felt this healthy or ready in years. Thanks to the boyz at Fightlinker for hookin’ me up once again. And thanks to everyone for all the comments. I can’t believe no one thought Jay “Go Ahead, Make My” Day was a good nickname. No ballsy picks this time but more than enough for you Jackals to rip apart. Check me out on and watch for me back inside the Octagon soon-