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Last chance to get yer betting in

We broke down our thoughts on UFC 91 during the latest Low Blow, but for all you stubborn fucks that refuse to listen to it, I figure I’ll lay out my picks regarding tonight’s betting. If you’re gonna bet, you should bet with BetUS because they’re one of the main reasons I’m able to spend all day every day blogging for your amusement.

Joe Stevenson (+160) over Kenny Florian (-200): Joe has more experience and has beaten a similar kind of fighter in Kurt Pellegrino. Kenny? He has shown that wrestlers give him trouble … remember his loss to Sean Sherk? I expect Joe Daddy to take Florian down and smother him for the win.

Nate Quarry (+175) over Demian Maia (-220): Yeah, Maia is a wizard on the ground, but fights start standing up. And Maia doesn’t seem to know he should be trying to take the fight there … he spends too much time trading with dudes he should be taking down. I’m expecting Quarry to knock Maia out.

Ryan Thomas (+165) over Matt Brown (-210): Because Matt Brown sucks and Ryan Thomas doesn’t suck as much as Matt Brown sucks.

Randy Couture (+100) over Brock Lesnar (-130): As mongoloid pro wrestling fans keep betting their welfare checks on Lesnar, Randy has grown and grown as an underdog. He’s now running at +100 … time to capitalize on those odds and put money down on the Natural. Simply put, Randy has the experience to know exactly what he has to do in any situation. Brock on the other hand is fucking 2-1. Come on now people. Don’t be stupid.

As always, we recommend BetUS for all yer betting needs since the dudes over there are friends and good people, plus they give us money when you sign up. This money goes to paying our electricity and food bills so we can live to blog another day. So make sure you mention us when you’re signing up to gamble away your life savings!