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UFC 90 underperformed

To get away from all this AKA bullshit for a bit, let’s talk about something else. Perhaps part of the reason Dana White is having a mega-period is that his PPV numbers aren’t looking as awesome as he was expecting them to. Boxing is way the fuck down on their numbers, and Dave Meltzer has released the numbers for UFC 90 with Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote: 300,000. Steve Barry has more:

Yeah, that’s pretty bad, and actually lower than past events featuring Silva. Apparently, the “pound-for-pound” tag didn’t pay off quite like they hoped it would. But in this instance, maybe that was a blessing in disguise. Maybe it’s better that not that many people saw Anderson Silva’s performance against Patrick Cote. Newcomers might never want to see him fight again if so.

The question now is, why? Are people just not that interested in Anderson Silva? Was it the match-up? Or perhaps more alarming, contrary to what Zuffa has said, is the abysmal economy adversely affecting pay-per-view buys?

If it’s the latter that may not be a good sign. Dana White told anyone who would listen including ESPN that UFC 91 was going to do 1.2 million pay-per-view buys. What if that number only comes back at 500,000? Between you and me, I’d probably get a little chuckle out of it for having egg on his face, but honestly, that would probably be a pretty bad sign for everyone.

If you ask me, UFC 90 did shit because the main event was a foregone conclusion. The big fights tend to be the ones where you don’t know who’s going to win. The only people who thought Patrick Cote was going to win that night were in Patrick’s corner. Add onto that an undercard that didn’t exactly sizzle and bam: 300k only.

I still don’t believe the whole “Anderson Silva doesn’t draw” bull … I just think he hasn’t been put up against names that would draw big views. Aside from guys like Chuck Liddell (and yeah, even in his case), who you’re facing matters. That’s why Affliction has all those names but keeps failing: they won’t match the fighters up that we wanna see scrap. If Dana White wants Anderson to draw big bucks, he’s gotta set up some big fights. If the rumors of Chuck / Anderson are true (and Anderson’s agent says they’re sitting down next week to set up his next fight), that will be a good start.