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UFC 90 impressions

In case you missed the live radio show, I’d like to re-iterate my impressions of last weekend’s fights. If I don’t fucking vent, I feel as though my throat might close up from all the rage I’m holding back.

First up, I want to let Chicago know that their fans fucking suck balls. Maybe it’s because their hockey team is populated by a bunch of losers. Maybe it’s because the days of “Da Bears” football glory are dead and buried, or that their basketball team that was once great is just a giant embarrassment now. Even their baseball team is just a bunch of dicks. In other words, the whole city is just a bitter ball of disappointment that loves to boo at everything.

I’ve never seen such crusty goddamn fans. Of course, it was nothing compared to the quality of their hometown refs, who looked like a bunch of random homeless guys that they brought in for shits and giggles. Every single one of these rejects merits to be mentioned in our “worst Ref” category, if only I cared enough to remember their forgettable names. It was plainly obvious to anyone with half a brain that these asses had no fucking clue what was happening on the ground. One retard said “let’s go guys” so often I thought momentarily that I had suffered a massive brain aneurysm.

The Sherk / Griffin fight wasn’t bad, but watching two midgets box without either of them having KO power is entertaining for maybe the first minute or so, but doesn’t do much to keep me on my toes. I was hoping once Sherk noticed that he wasn’t doing enough to lay the other guy down he would try something else, but he seems to have decided that standing or on the ground, his shit is going to a decision.

The Maynard / Clementi fight was exactly what I had anticipated: A boring match that should have been buried as a fucking undercard, and replaced by the leites / McFedries one. Of course, the UFC is struggling to build up their lightweights, and it’s plainly obvious that they are failing hardcore. It’s doubtful the rabble coming out of TUF will fair any better.

After the salvaging experience of both the Werdum / Dos Santos awesomeness and the very servicable Alves / Koscheck bout, I was hoping that seeing my favorite fighter Anderson Silva beat the shit out of Patrick Cote was going to make me forget about some of the less memorable moments. To call me disappointed would be an understatement.

What the fuck was Anderson doing for 2 rounds? He was moving around so much, I thought this was an episode of “Do you Think you Can Dance”. Cote was doing his best to eat the occasional but definitively painful looking blows, but really, there wasn’t much going on for 10 fucking minutes.

And then Cote just goes down. His knee got fucked, and the fight was over. Silva’s face looked like mine: I felt as though I had received a shitty hand job and hadn’t creamed.

After Ryan and I finished recording the radio show, we proceeded to getting insanely high in an effort to salvage the night. Fuck fighting: I needed to play GTA4 while high on drugs and booze in order to say I had a good weekend. It almost made UFC 89 look good.