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UFC 89 gets some fights

As events wrap up, new ones unfold – it’s the endless grind of MMA ‘journalism’ that I try to avoid by focusing on fighters who shit themselves rather than signings or venue announcements etc. But this time I’ll give you guys some relevant news: The UFC is definitely going to Birmingham, UK in October. And right now they’re looking at Bisping / Leben and new UK addition Dan Hardy to fight on the card alongside Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami (yep, I guess Silva wants to keep busy).

Dan Hardy is probably the best UK fighter the UFC has landed since snapping up Michael Bisping. Of course, considering the shit job they’ve done of locking up the really good fighters from Britain, that’s not that hard. I’ve watched a bunch of Hardy fights and he’s pretty good, although a 2006 decision loss to Forrest freaking Petz leaves me on the fence a bit.

Check out the above highlight video showing Dan doin’ his thang to Bon Jovi. I used to do my thang to Bon Jovi too … my girlfriend was french and from Quebec so it’s a cultural thing to listen to him while having sex. So now whenever I hear Bon Jovi I get a boner a la Pavlov’s bell. So that highlight video was very arousing and confusing to me.