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UFC 83 Post Event Press Conference

Dana White is up, apologizes for losing his voice. Says anyone asks when they’re coming back to Canada he’ll throw a water bottle at them. Dana says the energy was more powerful than any energy they’ve ever experienced from the crowd. Said that 21,390 officially the biggest UFC event ever.

Rich Franklin says he was happy to not get booed. Franklin says that he actually baited Lutter with the armbar to try and escape.

Asked about the Quarry / Starnes fight, Dana said “It takes 2 to fight and only Nate came to fight. Starnes is gonna wake up tommorow and wish he’d fought that fight differently.

Asked about the crazy ‘over the top’ escape Danzig did, he said it wasn’t really a ‘move’ it was just a balance thing to keep from being taken down.

Dana said Jason Day was amazing, that Belcher is amazing and that makes Day look even better.

Dana says GSP looked like the ‘real GSP’ and did what he was supposed to do. Says Serra said he’s never been beaten up but tonight … he gots beaten up!

Dana said it’s “not a bad idea” for GSP to move up to face Anderson Silva.

Re: McCarthy animosity, Bisping said he ‘got into a zone’ like he likes to in order to destroy his opponents.

Asked if GSP could move up to fight Silva but still keep his belt, Dana said he’d have to talk to GSP about it. This is at the same time GSP walks into the room.

Dana says Fitch is #1 contender.

GSP says he couldn’t hear his cornermen over the crazy roar of the crowd. Says he fed off the energy and momentum of the crowd to finish the fight with a flurry. Says Serra gave him his back as a trap to play jiu jitsu with him.

Serra said the difference between the GSP from a year ago and the one tonight was “the one tonight kicked my ass”, lots of laughs.

GSP says he can no longer walk down the street without people talking to him, even way in the outskirts of town. Says he wants to be a role model for the sport and combat the image of the UFC as a bloody ‘gladiator’ spectacle. (this was all in french, and at the end Bisping said “I agree!”)

Bisping said that making Middleweight was never an issue and he was never worried about it but he was just lazy and wanted to stay at LHW. Now it’s time to take every advantage possible at middleweight.

GSP said that getting into an exchange with Serra was the worst thing he could do. Said that a slugfest is like flipping a coin, whoever connects first is going to win. So he never wants to fight like that.

GSP says he has a lot of jobs to do at 170 before considering a move up in weight. Plus he says he has lots of training partners at 185 and never wants to fight a friend.

Serra is asked about Hughes and goes “Duh duh duuuuuun”. He says it’s definitely something he’d like to do.

Asked about GSP’s trunks and why there were no sponsors, he said “my sponsor paid me to wear shorts without a sponsor” ie … it’s Affliction

Says “it’s affliction and they are banned now” and Dana laughs and says “He got his plug in!” with a laugh.

Franklin says he’d love to get back in the 185 title picture but knows he’s got a lot to do before getting back into that picture.

Dana gave props to Demian Maia, said he was impressed.

Danzig was asked about ‘the TUF target on his back’, said he understands that he needs to prove that he belongs in the top 155’ers. Said he wasn’t happy with everything from his performance and will continue to work hard to improve.

GSP asked what he’s going to do with his new belt (he gave his first one to his mother). Said he’s going to keep it for himself. Said the belt is material but it’s the feeling that really mattered.

Fight of the Night: Hironaka / Goulet
KO of the night: Jason MacDonald
Sub of the night: Demian Maia

$75,000 bonuses (Canadian? Nah)

Asked if he knew the round was almost over, Serra said he was holding on and “hoping GSP would get tired of hitting him” but that didn’t happen. He was hoping to roll into a submission but it didn’t work. Said he didn’t really know why the ref stopped the fight but what can he do.

Dana said it’s going to take time to get the sport legalized in Toronto and Vancouver but it’d take time.

Serra said that it felt nice to be cheered out of the octagon rather than booed out of the weigh-ins. Said “I knew I’d win them over eventually!”

Dana said he hopes to be back in Montreal very soon, and they’d consider doing a stadium but it’s scary to have a place with like 20k empty seats.

GSP asked about Greg Jackson … said Jackson is the maestro who watches over the other coaches he has.

Franklin asked about Lutter gassing, said he watched tape and felt that his conditioning would win out in the long run. At the end of the first round he felt confident that he was going in fresher and that he’d push harder later in the fight.
GSP names off some of the great boxing fighters he trains with and said he’s getting the best boxing possible. Said normally Vegas he’d be more popular but even going to the west end of town to eat he couldn’t go two steps and needed his friends to be body guards.

Dana said Hughes/Serra was supposed to happen and didn’t happen, so they’ll try to make it happen.

Dana asked about it looking like MacDonald had tapped in the kimura. Dana said he didn’t see a tap.

GSP said the stress was big but it’s always big and he deals with it the same way every time.

Quarry talks about getting back into the sport after career ending back surgery. Said he called Kalib out when he first came back and Kalib’s camp refused it because Quarry ‘wasn’t worthy’ so it was something of a grunge match.

  • GSP is king again.
    I guess the world is back to normal…

  • garth says:

    well, that’s two high-paying fights for serra. that was about the smartest game plan i’ve ever seen in MMA for GSP. this fight and Randy’s win over Sylvia.

    McCarthy, sadly, was as bad as i thought he was. Bocek looked like he got hit in the fucking face with a bat.

    why not show us the maia -herman fight, if it was sub of the night? wtf?

  • Atom says:

    they might not have shown the sub of the night (minus the short clip at the end of the telecast) but to be fair, they showed the F.o.t.N. instead.

    I would have rather seen the Maia-Herman fight also, just because it has more of an impact on the division.

  • andres says:

    God danm drama allday blaze it tomorow or wat??

  • koolpaw says:

    a lot of Highlight more than i have expected, Danzig`s improvoment since KOTC (became smarter but lost wildness though) , kinda funny running chicken game of oops,,, Franklin`s smart game plan and fine escaping from armbar, but all things went to

    GSP of course. damn, those knees to the body were almost scary .

  • C-C-Combo Breaker! says:

    GSP is going to give me nightmares. I can just see myself picking on him for being pretty, and me getting “eviscerated” by his knees.

  • andres says:

    Does knees where sick eww like godanm dude u tie like 100 pounds to those legs? wow im impressed good night of fights

  • dignan says:


    Thanks for the great rundown. Beauty.

    To all the people who love Kalib Starnes, and said he wasn’t a pussy:


    Kalib is nothing but a good for nothing sack of shit, who’s grandmamma was a whore.

    There I said it.

  • andres says:

    Wtf no strikeforce in my area

  • operator says:

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing Kalib again. Even though Quarry didn’t have to work as hard his cardio did seem stronger than his last fight. I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight Bisping or even a rematch with Franklyn.

  • kobracom says:

    Looks like Kaleb should have spent more time training and less time with those Surrey girls.

  • mike o says:


  • Wu Tang says:

    So GSP gets to fight Silva and OKAMI doesnt? Wow, talk about riding the GSP short bus!

  • Grizz says:

    I was there last night and every fight was fuckin sweet. besides that bitch ass kalib. i’m from B.C. and i was chanting against his ass the whole time. who the fuck gets it the ring and runs away the whole time. besides that fight the whole night was awesome. the crown was goin nuts the whole night.

  • Aaron says:

    godammit, wu-tang, get off okami’s nuts. He’s the number 1 contecnder, and he will get his chance to be dismantled.

    GSP has stated before that he has to clean up the WW division before even thinkiing about stepping up to anderson silva. Dana stated that Fitch is the #1 contender for GSP’s title. where the fuck did you magically conjure up them saying that GSP gets silva before okami? There’s been a lot of talk about such a fight, but there’s real divisional standings to deal with. Pull your head out of your ass, it’s not all unfair to your favourite fighters, and everything to GSP. It’s a press conference about his win, not the next events.

  • Aaron says:

    Might I add…..although it’s healed, seems Starnes’ gaping head vagina was still on his mind.

    And Ken Flogan sure did a roganesque job of commentary. The clothes, the hair, the bad jokes, the approach to the fighter. I’m thinking he attended some seminars by Joe, just to be sure that the more casual UFC fans would have no idea anything was evn different.

  • ninjitsu says:

    “Judge’s scorecards:

    There’s no way Kalib is going to be fighting again in the UFC anytime soon.


  • RoB says:

    How the !!!!FUCK!!!! do i pay pay fifty bucks and not get to see KO AND!! SUBMISSISION of the night.WTF! i hate everyone ftw

  • dignan says:

    I actually thought Ken FLo did a great job. Easily understood and explained thing pretty well. I didn’t like that he was nice to “Goldie.”

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    dignan is a pussy.

  • dignan says:


    I prefer: Dignan is a Starnes, please. Dignan is a Starnes.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    While I think fans have a lot of nerve to call professional fighters pussies (his freakin skull was exposed in that Belcher fight, that should be enough to stop the fight unless you’re fighting in Japan maybe. Fights get stopped for less severe cuts and other things all the time), Starnes really does deserve criticism for what he did last night. Did Starnes arrive to fight or did he arrive to run a marathon? That was pathetic. He got booed out of the building by his own Canadian crowd (that supported him in the beginning until he decided that he didn’t want to actually fight). Starnes should be cut from the UFC. That was a shitty performance. The 30-24 score that one judge gave was justified.

  • dignan says:


    If you look at the way he has fought and acted after his fights, Starnes did not depart from is typical MO.

    Blame everyone else, start yelling at the crowd…and please remember how fucking cocky this guy was the entire time on TUF.

    Fuck that red headed stepchild.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Starnes was worse than lay n pray last night. If you are going to kick out lay n pray master Jake O’Brien, Starnes will surely get kicked out too. The 30-26 and 30-24 scores justify kicking him out even more.

  • andres says:

    Yoo ted fuck you

  • andres says:

    Yoo ted fuck you
    Haha starnes wow he’s so gone so gone

  • Macman says:

    The only way i would ever watch another Kalib Starnes fight is i found out that some bad mofo was holding his wife/girlfriend for ransom to throw the fight.