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UFC 84 moneys

MMA Junkie has the NSAC paysheet, and here’s how it looks:

      * B.J. Penn ($250,000) def. Sean Sherk ($35,000)
* Wanderlei Silva ($150,000) def. Keith Jardine ($10,000)
* Goran Reljic ($6,000) def. Wilson Gouveia ($18,000)
* Lyoto Machida ($100,000) def. Tito Ortiz ($210,000)
* Thiago Silva ($50,000) def. Antonio Mendes ($4,000)
* Rousimar Palhares ($10,000) def. Ivan Salaverry ($20,000)
* Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou ($80,000) def. Kazuhiro Nakamura ($20,00O)
* Rich Clementi ($40,000) def. Terry Etim ($10,000)
* Yoshiyuki Yoshida ($12,000) def. Jon Koppenhaver ($8,000)
* Dong Hyun Kim ($40,000) def. Jason Tan ($3000)
* Shane Carwin ($12,000) def. Christian Wellisch ($10,000)

Once again, Keith Jardine is the big loser, getting sent to the hospital for 10k. One of the reporters at the press conference asked Dana if he felt this was ‘fair’ and the temperature in the room dropped about 20 degrees in the span of two seconds. After a long pause, Dana White said something along the lines of “He makes more than that, and I’m not telling you how much. I’ll never tell.”

I’ve never doubted that Jardine makes more money than 10k per fight … I’m sure the UFC has a few different ways to pay their guys that don’t end up the commission sheets. But for God’s sake, can Dana not switch up some of these guys’ contracts so they don’t look so pathetically underpaid? I mean shit … you might as well release documents saying Jardine has a tiny little baby cock too. Sure, Dana might say “Oh, Jardine has a massive dong – no, I’m not talking to you Dong, I’m talking about Jardine’s dong”. But does he really expect journalists to take his word for it???

  • yeah thse numbers really do loook pathetic

  • kwagnuth says:

    That would help clear up the speculation but I guess this way he’s not locked in long term and can pay as he see’s fit per fight. Maybe he figures it is a good way to keep the mid level guys hungry if being on the chopping block isn’t enough.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    I like that Sherk only got $35K – was that worth having his name re-dragged through the mud in the media and getting his face punched in? Because all this loss did was make people think, “Wow – he must have been on roids before this to suck so bad.”

  • *fixes jemaleddin with an icy glare* Sherk made more than that. I’ll never tell you how much though. Cuz its a secret.

  • that alien lookin brazilian guy mendes got 4k? that sucks for him.

  • Joon4s says:

    Damn, BJ got a nice paycheck. I didn’t realise that he was getting that much. Only four guys got under 10k, huh. That’s an improvement since the last time I looked at these figures. Still, 3k/4k is retarded for a fight, doesn’t matter how much they suck. I still think 10k should be the minimum.

  • jakey says:

    that joke about dong – fuckin funny man!

  • Popetastic says:

    Sweet Jebus. 3k for Jason Tan. I hope the months of training were worth three-grand and a vicious beating.

  • ninjitsu says:

    It’s pretty sad that I’m a student and I make more per year from scholarships and bursaries than some of the fighters in the UFC…

  • Ev says:

    Hah Tito looks like twice the asshole now!!

  • asdfasd says:

    I hate Keith Jardine. His fights are boring. He talks like he’s the shit: ‘Yeah i don’t care about the title. I just wanna beat two legends blah blah blah’.

    His coach Greg Jackson won’t face the truth either. (‘Diego left my camp cos he wanted to be with his son’ Truth: cos GSP moved in.
    ‘Diego lost cos Kos ran away from him’ Truth: Kos had better gameplan. ‘Keith got knocked out cos I didn’t reiterate the gameplan’. That’s like saying Hughes lost to GSP cos he didn’t have good game plan. Truth: Silva is just better. Every time Keith went in, he missed and Silva hit right on. His hands were down, his kicks were sloppy. So he got KTFO.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    @asdfasd: “Every time Keith went in, he missed and Silva hit right on. His hands were down, his kicks were sloppy. So he got KTFO.”

    Every time? Dude, the fight was 36 seconds long! The first time he went in he sorta tapped Wandy’s chin and Wandy whiffed on counter-punching. The second time he hit Wandy on the chin and Wandy didn’t even throw a punch in return. In the third it looked like he had a nice shot lined up, but he got rocked in the mouth and his fist sorta went off course. And the fourth was a leg kick where he got brutalized. Fair enough on that one. :-)

    But still – 4 attacks in 36 seconds? That’s more than Machida did in 3 rounds!

  • asdfasd says:

    It was 36 sec long BECAUSE Jardine couldn’t last longer. How many times must it happen before they learn that you gotta throw leg kicks from a distance? Watch Liaudin Davis, Guillard/Rick Davis. Throw it too close/ wham you’re out. It’s funny that it happened right when Goldie said ‘Jardine wants to keep a distance’.

    Look at his punches. Sloppy, hands down, no head movement. When you do that you know Silva will kill you. I’m not even a fan of Wandy but it’s just stupid. Like Sherk trying to strike with BJ.