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UFC 79 Press Conference Audio

You want audio? Mr Sunshine’s got your audio. More audio than you can shake a stick at! Broken down into a whole bunch of teensy tiny little clips. Worth listening to! Stick em in your ear holes and enjoy!

  • Swedish guy says:

    It annoys me when you can’t download the mp3’s. So I won’t be listening to these sound bites, no no.

  • Method says:

    YEAH Fightlinker! the swedish guy says no!

  • Lifer says:

    did anyone else giggle when Dana describes Wand as being ‘the enemy’ at one point?

  • dragomort says:

    I laughed at him refering to Wand as the enemy, btu I laughed more when he couldn’t think of Rampage or his name. Funny what happens when you fail to market your champions for so long.

  • Tommy says:

    Hey Link when you gonna make your predictions on 79?
    Myself I got, Hughes trying 6-7 takedown attempts, them all being stuffed. He gets frustrated and then KO’ed. Silva starting off a bit slow getting confident then getting KO’ed. Machida starting slow then getting KO’ed. Melvin defending the takedown with some improved skill then KO’ing Clementi. Palelei KO’ing Eddie, Manny gets the sub or decision, and Dean winning by sub. So…
    All with the W!!!

  • Wu Tang says:

    Too many KO’s you got… Most of those fights are going to go to decision… machida is going to go to decision (him winning, my guess), Silva giving Chuck an ass whopping (Dana’s love boy secretly), and Matt winning, decision. Other fights, who cares, they suck.

    Or orange robot would go in and anal rape them all with latex metal shiny rod that ejects nuclear acid everytime he dances. OMG WTFWJD?!??!

  • Tommy says:

    Man I wish you lived in Orlando Wu. I can’t find someone here sucker enough to go for Hughes. The first four are known for heavy hands and KO’es. The only change I might see is GSP subbing Matt and I really don’t know Palelei that well, but we’ll see. Soko is getting fighter of the year after knocking off Machida. As well, I don’t think there’s a shitty fight the whole night myself.

  • Tommy says:

    You see the weigh-in Link? Silva is one emotional guy.

  • CacophonyKid says:

    I would like nothing more than to see Machida get his shit rocked by Sokoudjou, but I don’t think its gonna happen.

  • Swedish guy says:

    So uhm tommy, you’re calling FL Link, I guess that’s why I misinterpreted your “Is that real and in the same year Link?” as you requesting a link to back the story up. But I’m man enough to admit my errors, so here goes: I’m terribly sorry, Tommy.

  • Tommy says:

    For what Swedish? It’s cool, hell I looked up the site. I did notice the pic says it was taken on the 22’nd. Thanks for the help dude.