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UFC 78 conference call (minus any info on UFC 78)

The great thing about the UFC78 conference call is there was barely any talk about UFC78. Or rather if there was, no one bothered to report on it. Anyone who denies the idea that the UFC is the center of the MMA universe just has to look at the amount of news that comes out of Dana White over the course of one hour with the press. Nutty. Here’s the salient points:

-Dana and Randy will be meeting sometime this week to sit down and talk. Big rumor right now is HDNet has offered Randy some kind of management position and he’s near to accepting. Why anyone would want to be ‘King of Mediocre Fight Cards’ is beyond me. I think I speak for all fight fans when I implore Couture to stop bitching and fight Nogueira!

A few days ago, Zach Arnold was tut-tutting the UFC’s 180 regarding stripping Sherk of the belt. Of course, it wasn’t a 180 then, but it certainly is now: If the CSAC upholds the decision, Sherk will be stripped. And that makes UFC80 for the real honest to gosh belt. Sqweeee!

-There’s been no decision made on if Spike will be showing UFC 80 or not. Lets hope that the fact Felix Trinidad vs Roy Jones Jr will be on PPV the same night pushes the UFC to stuff this bitch on free TV.

-Speaking of free TV, Dana White admitted he was in talk with networks to air the UFC. Cross your fingers for a long and painful writer’s strike that destroys the lives of thousands of people that work on films but aren’t part of a union!

-Dana White says Hendo still won’t drop to challenge Anderson Silva. My take on this is Hendo wants extra money for a plastic surgeon who’ll be able to fix his nose afterwards.

(My notes were totally copped from MMA on Tap’s notes. How about one of you fuckers out there tell me about these calls in advance so I can listen in, huh????)

  • kermit.01 says:

    “(My notes were totally copped from MMA on Tap’s notes. How about one of you fuckers out there tell me about these calls in advance so I can listen in, huh????)”

    You want us to right it out and post it for you to?

    Some people…

  • Swedish guy says:

    So uhm, only issue left with this new theme is links are almost indiscernible in the text, perhaps if they were made bold or underlined ala internet of 1997, things’d get sorted.

  • Hmmm … links are all blue right now, should be relatively easy to see. Are they blue for you?

  • Swedish guy says:

    Yep, they’re blue. Perhaps it’s me being to lazy to position my laptop monitor at the perfect angle to discern links. But I never had that problem before. If the angle is slightly off now, it all looks the same. I don’t know if anybody else is experiencing this? Anybody else using a laptop?

  • Swedish guy says:

    That little chopped up line (wtf are they called?) underneath the link in 1.0 certainly helped a lot, readabilitywise, I noticed upon switching back. Still I’ll stick to the new orange theme and instead miss out on all your boring ass links to sherdog and other shitty sites.

  • Asa says:

    Seriously, web design 101 – make the links stand out, even for colorblind people. Underline and/or bold them. Your blue is nice, but blends in against the black on most monitors.

    As for 78, I think this could actually be a fairly interesting show, since everyone on it can step up and grab some attention. Especially the two lazy schmucks in the main event.

    I’m not paying for it or anything, but … yeah.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Anyone see the UFC 78 countdown show yesterday? They have a narrator now and its the same guy who does the action/horror movie previews. Was pretty cool and made me kinda want to see 78. Good call on the UFC showcasing Houston Alexander. If I do buy, it’ll be cause of him.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    I loved the coundown show, but why was it on at midnight?! In the press conference before last Dana and the Spike tv guy had anal sex right on the podium, but now they can’t play countdown at a reasonable hour?