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UFC 2010 is selling slow

It looks like the UFC and THQ might have been a little ambitious thinking they could roll out a new UFC game every year and expect the same levels of success they had with last year’s UFC 2009, aka the first UFC game since Sudden Impact in 2004 (you remember, the one with Phil Baroni on the cover?). Reports are coming out saying the game is performing below expectations:

Despite the stellar sales of its predecessor, THQ and Yuke’s’ UFC Undisputed 2010 is selling “slower than anticipated,” even as UFC pay-per-view television events are performing well, according to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian.

In a research note released today, Sebastian said the game is “tracking below our expectations at retail,” and pointed out that online retailer Amazon discounted the game $20 to $39 after only a week on sale.

As a result, the analyst expects decreased reorders from retailers, and Lazard Capital Markets is decreasing its first fiscal quarter revenue estimates for THQ by $4 million, down to $193 million — considerably below market expectations of $203 million.

Gaming site Kokatu points towards competition from Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s GTA-style western game, as a possible reason for slow sales. After all, the UFC is doing so well and game review sites all gave the game great reviews! Well that may be, and I can understand the high scores because technically the UFC games are pretty pimp. The problem: they’re just not very fun to play. And for a game that had changes and improvements announced every other week, UFC 2010 still plays nearly the same as 2009.

That bob and weave system is really just a shitty dodge function. Different fighting styles do more to gimp fighters than add to them, and the submission system still sucks fat greasy cocks. The game is hard for newbs to pick up and play, and god help you if you try to learn via the tutorial, which is about as much fun to slog through as a trip to the dentist. At least with the dentist you leave with some nice clean teeth. With the Undisputed tutorial, you just get the vague feeling that you still don’t really know how to do anything – especially when it comes to the clusterfuck career mode.

The new UFC video games aren’t bad … but they aren’t good enough to buy every year. Especially when the submission portion of MMA is basically boiled down to frantically diddling your analog stick for 5 seconds before not getting a submission (again) or getting arbitrarily subbed out by the computer (again).