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UFC 2009 grades fighters

A long long time ago (so long ago I can’t even find the post) we mentioned that the Unleashed video game might end up with de facto power rankings feature from the UFC, and it looks like today is the day we see the result. Essentially, THQ and the UFC have teamed up to pull down fighter trou and assign a grade to their manhood.

Scores go as high as 94 (with Georges St Pierre, Anderson Silva, and BJ Penn tying, hopefully we’ll have that sorted for next year) and go down as low as the mid-70s, with the lowest dudes including Eddie Sanchez, Houston Alexander, Kyle Bradley (in 2weight classes?), and Josh Burkman.

There’s a whole bunch of guys placed slightly higher or lower than they probably should be, but for a snapshot of the 2009 roster it’s pretty accurate. One guy who’s probably going to be pissed? Midsy thinks Keith Jardine has a right to be because he “has a rating of 79, putting him well behind Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, Brandon Vera and Wilson Gouveia, all of whom Jardine has beaten.”